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    T-Mobile launching 'truly unlimited' 4G data service add-on September 5th

    Can't believe this hasn't been posted on DRC yet. T-Mobile launching 'truly unlimited' 4G data service add-on September 5th (Update) -- Engadget Sounds like a good deal.
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    Sirius XM offering 30-Day Free Trial + FREE XM Onyx Radio + XM PowerConnect for Free

    Sirius Satellite Radio: 30-Day Free Trial + FREE Onyx XM Radio w/ Vehicle Kit Seems like a good deal if you just want a free radio. Just cancel after 30 days and you won't be charged any fees and you can keep the set.
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    The #1 Song on Your Birthday Game

    why do i get the crappy one....... Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Islands in the Stream - YouTube
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    I can't listen to Sirius ........

    Many companies are known for making their commercials with high volume output in the recordings(Ex: Car commercials on television are almost always much louder than the program that their advertising on). The show(s) that you listen to are at standard volumes, I assume that a significant...
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    Need to boost FM signal

    I use the C.Crane fm transmitter to boost my Sirius audio to various radios in my home. The signal didn't reach very far the day I received it, but I found out that you had to hack it a bit and turn up a dial inside the transmitter, all thanks to DRC and XMfan threads. TSS Taylor also sell FM...
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    His first post on DRC: Another post on his first impression of DRC: From what I can gather, he's a big baby that wants attention because we're not talking about things the way HE wants us to.
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    Secrets of Wooing Women; Playboy's Secret Letter Writer

    Dave Attell: "Thank you slow gas leak"
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    How long have you had satellite radio?

    Sirius - August 2006
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    Watercolors vs. Real Jazz

    They both have jazz and they both have saxophone jazz. It's just that Watercolors plays more contemporary jazz(ie, more electric bass, electric drums, a lot more studio produced stuff) Real Jazz has chicago jazz, classic jazz, wynton marsalis type stuff.
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    MMTC Wants All Radio On Satellite Receivers

    Regarding the issue on minority programming and special privileges given to minorities because of nothing else but their skin color(Of course I'm talking about affirmative action): Why do certain minorities need to be given favor over other races? If someone's ancestor was denied the right to...
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    Starmate ST2 problems

    may i have them if you don't want it?
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    Backseat TV

    There are better "satellite tv in car" options out there than sirius. Sirius offers only 3 channels and all channels that are offered are childrens channels(imo, awful channels when considering the kind of programming they have). Here's a link to one of them: TV In Your Car, Satellite TV In...
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    what band should they or will they give a station to next?

    allman brothers or radiohead