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    Anybody here Twitter?

    I'm still immersed in the twitterverse, I go by @circlepaddler now. I post once in awhile, and follow mostly farmer/ag types, some NASCAR and comedians, and a few of ya'll.
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    Each State's Favorite Car

    I always thought Jeep was the official state vehicle of Colorado :confused: I could totally see Subarus, I know a few Coloradans that own them.
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    Trivia Crack

    yeah yeah yeah.... I have been in the habit of biffing on really obvious ones lately. or trying to challenge and losing by the tie-breaker. Or not knowing what the longest venomous snake in the world is. the only good snake is a dead snake.
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    What Helps You Go To Sleep?

    I usually don't have problems sleeping at home, I can never sleep in hotels. I usually take melatonin, and lately been turning on podcasts at bedtime which seems to help. Anymore, It's turning my brain off at 4 in the morning that gets me.
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    Trivia Crack

    I'm whippin' up on Wolfie as I type... ( 3 tokens in 3 turns) I win some, I lose some. It tells me my worst category is History, but I don't think I'm good at Sports and some Arts either.
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    Funny Twitter Feeds

    The latest one I've been enjoying is @honesttoddler . For anyone who has or had little kids, or acts like one, it's pretty on-the-spot when it comes to dealing our little monsters... I mean, perfect little angels.
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    I'm Satellite-radio Free

    I finally dumped satrad for good about a year ago when my reciever started really buggin out in the wife's car. With moving and living 5 minutes from work, and her not driving endless hours every week for her job, there was no real need. I think I have used every online service (spotify...
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    Series 8 begins

    Whoo hoo! I had a hard time watching Matt Smith and the Rory/Amy story line. Can't wait until August
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    Cancelled a radio today

    I just cancelled the last of our subscriptions, which was in the wife's car. I basically told them we unhooked it and haven't been listening to it for a few months, he tried to talk me into the 6/25 deal, and I sternly and politely-ish told him him no, I wanted to cancel. He got the message and...
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    Walmart holds a Thanksgiving food drive.... for their employees

    HEY! I resemble that remark! :P I used to hate going to Walmart, but it seems like anymore you can always find a grown adult yelling at either their kids and/or significant other. and with language that would make a sailor blush. I actually saw a mom threaten to give her kid to a stranger...
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    keurig coffee

    I've had a "Keurig-type" machine for about a year. It takes K cups as well as lets you use your own grounds. I usually have plain ol' Folders grounds for my first cup (I usually down it so quick while walking the dog I barely taste it), and go with a meduim roast from either Donut Shop or...
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    Wow just wow

    It sure does :agree:
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    Wow just wow

    Cellulose. Look it up. Even cows, whose digestive system is designed for high fiber diets, have a hard time....
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    The Musical Instrument Thread

    I guess I'll check in. I have been practicing off and on, wife and kid were gone for 2 weeks in March, so the "girls" took up residence in the living room. Learned Louie Louie and Hound Dog from Justin. Actually played using a metronome last night, it was easier than I thought until I...
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    10 Things Coke and Pepsi Won't Tell You

    I disagree with number 4! I am not caffeine depen.... wait, I need to get a sip of coffee or else I can't function.... ok, what was I saying?!?!