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    No more Speed Channel

    FS1 has the truck series. FS1 has some of the extra Cup events.... Unlimited, All-Star and the like. FS1 & FS2 have a bunch of the qualifying and extra NASCAR content. Nationwide's still on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPN NEWS Cup pretty much remains the same.
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    First time in....

    True enough.
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    First time in....

    Go there and then tell me that. There's plenty of room there to park that rig of yours. I think it works just fine for the Truck Series. Here's a couple pics from the event.....
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    First time in....

    I haven't been on here in a while but I have to say that I'm quite surprised that some of you were wishing failure on this race. To each his own I guess. I waited for the day for those Eldora tickets to go on sale and bought myself four of them. I ended up buying two more from a scalper...
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    Mike Bagley - Is he driving anyone else nuts?

    I've never been a huge fan of the the morning show even when David Poole was on there but I still listen to it for the interviews and NASCAR news. As far as them both backing NASCAR on the Hamlin subject..... Not the case. They both stated that they thought the fine was over the line and...
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    Denny fined 25k

    Hamlin will win his appeal.
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    NASCAR Mobile '13 App

    The Andriod option looks like it is now available @ $24.99/season
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    NASCAR Mobile '13 App

    Dang! I keep looking at that site 3 times a day waiting for this app. I really wanted to try this for the Unlimited.
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    What races do you plan on attending this year?

    We'll be going to both Bristol weeks and Martinsville for the fall Chase race as we do each year. Bristol is a fun trip for both the race weeks during the season. We camp next to the same group of people each and every year and look forward to going back to party with the same friends. The...
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    Where's the NASCAR Channel Today?

    Sorry, now that I've posted this I am picking it up again so please disregard.
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    Where's the NASCAR Channel Today?

    Anyone else having any issues picking up this channel today. I can't get it online or on my phone's app. I don't have a problem with any other channels.
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    NASCAR Mobile '13 App

    Link to info. and
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    NASCAR Mobile '13 App

    The full app will be available to Sprint customers for free. The rest of us will have to pay for the services that app will provide. Race day audio, scanner chatter, and video of some sort is to be provided. It seems to be a work in progress just like their web site.
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    Harvick to Stewart-Haas?

    I guess the writing is on the wall with the Dillon boys making their way up the ladder. Looks like Kevin and probably Jeff are just keeping the seats warm.
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    Dale Jr out for next 2 weeks

    He never said that he was going to sit out either of those races. He also never said that the wreck reminded him of his fathers accident.