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    You can't go back again

    Its fun to check out my favorite 70s 80s bands but also enjoy acts of today like Lady Gaga. I remember winning tickets to my first rock concert from CKSL London, Ontario mid 1970's to see Prism famous for Space Ship Superstar. And just about getting run over by various stoned guys who looked...
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    XMP3 going crazy shuttind down and restarting every few minutes

    I'm really getting a workout with these XMP3's just returned my 3rd one same basic problem of it shutting down all the time. So on my 4th one starting tonight...all Pioneer version.
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    XMP3 going crazy shuttind down and restarting every few minutes

    I returned to the store and got replacement...thank goodness I bought extended warranty.
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    I pulled the trigger (XMP3)

    Welcome to Satellite greatest addiction...currently 5 XM and 2 Sirius Radios active. My favorite form of entertainment!!!!
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    XMP3 going crazy shuttind down and restarting every few minutes

    Actually I don't use it in the car only at home in the dock or as a portable. Usually it shows as fully charged and then when the shutting down cycle starts it comes back as if it has minimal power...previously showing full power and only used as portable for less than 30 minutes.
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    XMP3 going crazy shuttind down and restarting every few minutes

    My XMP3 has started going crazy when I use it as a portible. It starts shutting down and then restarting all the time...anyone else have this problem? I did buy the extended warranty at Best Buys canadian subsidiary Future Shop so I may take it back. Thanks,
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    onyX with Power Connect in Car

    Yes I have 5 subscription so I am hardcore!!!! I was using the MyFi with the stronger FM Modulater in car previously, but I found that my Sirius radio (SVC01 with Modulator) was fastly superior. So I wanted to upgrade the XM side of things in the car...this has done the trick!!!!
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    I love SIRIUS XM!

    My Addiction to the Canadian versions of Sirius and XM continue just added the XMP3 and onyX with Power connect in the last 3 months. Awesome radios. I have two radios in my car Sirius SVC for Howard/Bubba/Ferrell/Playboy/HNIC/NFL and XM for everything else including Opie and Anthony!:bow:
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    I pulled the trigger (XMP3)

    I have the XMP3, awesome device...I love the 5 channel Auto record feature!!!
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    onyX with Power Connect in Car

    Just to let you know I purchased XM's onyX with Power Connect in Car and it works great and set-up is simple.
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    What specifically brought you in as a subscriber?

    For me it was Howard Stern also, and I think I would have found Satellite Radio but much much later.
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    Playboy Radio

    I love this channel...good morning show, advice with Tiffany is great, Night Calls brings in porn stars and adult movie historians and critics....definitely top 10 Sirius XM channel...on my scale ranks about 4th behind Howards two channels and the Opie and A channel.
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    How many radios do you have on your account?

    4 XM Canada (3 MyFi's and 1 as gift to parents) 2 Sirius Canada (1 SVC in car and 1 in parents car) also have 1 extra Sirius Canada which never got deactivated.
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    Who's The Best Current DJ In The Sirius XM Nation?

    JJ Walker on 70's on 7 and Sirius Hits 1 (goes by Spyder name) Majic Matt Allan on 70's on 7 Kayla on Classic Rewind Mark Goodman on 80's on 8
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    Globe and Mail: Cdn satellite-radio-firms-feel-static

    Satellite radio firms feel static from auto woes - The Globe and Mail