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    The Food Thread

    MEN who cook.... fuckin sexy! ;)
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    Hi Bitches!!

    I'm glad you speak up and share your experiences with others, it could be something a person might not know and something that could be useful if they were having these symptoms but couldn't figure out what it was. I do the same thing when someone talks to me about heart issues or cancer. It's...
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    Hi Bitches!!

    How come my picture hasn't changed? I updated it before. :/
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    Hi Bitches!!

    Thank you Chrissy. I totally forgot about you being with us on twitter, my bad, even though I do follow friday you each week with the rest of the Sirius crew lol. D'oh! ;)
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    Hi Bitches!!

    Thank you. :)
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    Hi Bitches!!

    paxil has been a blessing for me, it has removed such a weight from my shoulders. I care about too much & too many and it was becoming a burden. After everything i've been through in the past 3yrs, this is the best i've felt. I've tried, i think 3 others. I don't emotionally eat anymore and i've...
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    My daughter wants to do this, she just asked me last night if she can buy a $10 app for her phone. What's a good android app? I'm not even sure if people in my area do this so I suggested to her to try a free app first so she can learn and get use to it before paying for something that she might...
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    Let's talk beer...

    My favorites are now Stella Artois and Leinenkugel. I love vodka and Captain Morgan Silver but I have to keep away from the hard stuff if drinking at home, it brings me down. :(
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    Happy Birthday TXWJ!

    A belated happy birthday! Hope it was a great day for you. :)
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    Hi Bitches!!

    Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I've been talking with Wolfie and Blyons lately over on twitter and it's made me miss you guys. Semipenguin, LSUAaron, limegrass are also there. Not sure if anyone else from the old gang is over on twitter but if you are follow me @siriuslyheather. I hope...
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    why i stay away, for those that care

    I know some of you have missed me here but a few of those that do i follow on twitter anyways. I should explain so you dont think ive abandoned the forum. I feel as though I don't fit in here anymore. I can't relate to alot of what is talked about and the only place i did any real posting was in...
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    WOW! Heather almost nude (Semi safe for work)

    I dont feel like I fit in here anymore, that's all. I like the immediate interaction on twitter even that place is becoming a bore for me. Only place where i'd be able to post here is in the lounge, what fun is that? Believe me, you don't want to see the whole package, bits and pieces are...
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    Drunk Posts Go Here

    After reading this thread, i can see im the only REAL man in it..bunch of pussies drinking light beer! Go find your balls! :P
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    Post a pic of yourself here at DRC

    ^^^^^^ pic of myself
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    Going gray, should I color my hair?

    Men who are graying tend to look more distinguished whereas women look old, it's not fair! If you are still curious as what to do, I say grab a box off the shelf that is close to your natural hair color. The gray grows back quicker than the natural stuff does, unfortunately. Or you can try one...