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    New Online Player Released

    So if I am reading it correctly the Sirius Select package is now the same as the SiriusXM Select - meaning the NFL has been pulled with MLB taking it's place. This is going to cause three of my family members to go feral to say the least. No mention of College FB either. A quick glance at the...
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    Bubba in deep doo-doo

    Ripped from Inside Radio 17th May 2019 Radio talker Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem continues to face faltering fortunes, with news that his Tampa broadcast studio and network, as well as a racetrack he owns in Ocala, FL are under foreclosure proceedings. According to lawsuits reported by the...
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    I Just Cancelled My Slacker Plus

    Nope !
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    Am Ain't Dead.......

    By all digital he means HD Radio which would make for a nice little earner for DTS since unlikely DAB and Radio Mondiale it's a one horse runner in North America. Not forgetting all the non digital receivers hitting the scrap heap. Steps off soapbox..
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    The 2019 Nfl Offseason Thread

    CFL DIRECTS RELEASE OF QB JOHNNY MANZIEL FROM MONTREAL When this is all over I wonder who will get the movie rights?
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    New Channels On The App (feb 2019)

    I have kept all access going for my girlfriend in the kitchen, the TTR1 works perfectly for her and since she can cook up a storm who am I to argue :-) . As for the app - totally agree.
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    Alliance For American Football

    A kick-off is something to be wedged between a brace of ads ......
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    The 2018 - 2019 Premier League

    Especially considering Cabbie (Wiily Cabellero) is better at penalties and a real professional.
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    New Channels On The App (feb 2019)

    So at this point - nope, but since most of my music listening over the internet it down to free services from Energy Broadcast AG - Vintage Radio, Rockit and Luna I don't feel neglected. :-)
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    New Channels On The App (feb 2019)

    So is my reading of the channel list correct my poor old TTR1's are out of the loop. Are they available on the TTR2 ?
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    Am Ain't Dead.......

    KRKO in Everett WA have gone to an oldies format with local sport with a very healthy HD AM signal at 1380. They gave Fox Sport the flick a few months back. Desperately need to get my HD receiver in my replacement car of one year, but fitting it in a Fit is not the same chucking it in a Corolla...
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    Merry Christmas 2018

    It's almost over - but Merry Christmas all - thanks for tolerating my random eclectic posts and comments. ... and a safe, happy New Year as well.
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    The Usa & North American Soccer Thread

    Just like the Number 9 bus... eventually the day would arrive, however an £50 million payout isn't bad.
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    Sirius Buys Pandora

    off topic but I am lazy .... FEMA Approves SiriusXM Channels As EAS Source. The list of Emergency Alert System monitoring sources has grown by two after the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved the use of two free preview channels on the SiriusXM network as alternate monitoring...
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    Concerts you have attended?

    Would You Pay To See A Classic Rock Hologram In Concert? Apparently Roy Orbison is or will be touring.........