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    Test Thread

    not your avatar any
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    The Artie Lange Show

    rest of the year?? the rest of the month is 50/50! ...and I will be listening every step of the way.
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    Work put up metallic tint on windows, no satellite signal....

    nothing that won't jeopardize your employment
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    Beth and Leon Bear the Cat in a new NSAL photo...

    this photo seems exquisitely odd...and embarrassing
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    Bigfoot Jr.

    great stuff with Bigfoot Junior in studio this week...anyone else enjoy this??
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    PGA Golf Booey

    watching the PGA golf on Sunday and the 'BabaBooey' shout out was in full-effect after tee shots...great stuff mister
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    You've said it all

    yes, the guests and howard have said it all...the rest of this contract is gonna be an exercise in not falling asleep behind the mic
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    NY Post on Howard Wanting to Confront Sharon

    I applaud you, sir, for having the energy to give a shit about such things.
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    7/25 Satellite Years

    are you even the unfunniest sonofabitch can't get lucky once? Iron Sheik says thanks and goodbye - YouTube
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    So Tim crapped in the bathroom, huh?

    back up the cement truck...time to seal up that shitter permanently
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    Today's Porn Star

    rarely listening live anymore usually means fast-forward-time for these is too damn short
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    "If I wanted to hire artie back or..."

    Maybe nice for a guest spot but isn't Artie locked in to a 3 yr deal with Nick Dip right now? thought I read that somewhere.
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    7/25 Satellite Years

    0 for 2, these guys are gold!
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    Nick and Artie

    If you are an Artie Lange fan you will enjoy this show.