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    All Things Disney - Except Movies

    Hah I just saw that story. Crazy. Happy to see she got a lifetime Disney ban. Disney is for magic, not shenanigans.
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    Political Talk Forum

    If we're talking hurricane ineptness miss mayor is standing squarely in the spotlight.
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    Political Talk Forum

    Boohoo, he said some mean things in a group chat. Get over it. The person who should be protested is the leaker.
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    Miscellaneous News Thread

    I know I come off a heartless around here sometimes. Usually it's for joking purposes but this story bothered me: I understand the backlash but don't like it. Don't have kids if you can't afford to feed them. It's really not that hard to not to have a kid. Shit, I'm super irresponsible...
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    2019 Movies & Tv Shows

    I know Rob is the credited director but I always heard Quint directed the first half. Makes sense cause the movie has such a tonal shift in the second half.
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    Mcu Movies Discussion

    How long until Ali goes to prison for tax evasion?
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    Political Talk Forum

    I stand with Ricardo Rosselló.
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    The 2019-2020 Nfl Season Thread Including The Playoffs & Super Bowl 54

    And here we are again. The excitement builds... It's Almost Time for FOOTBALL!!! Football season is the best time of year, all the holidays, the weather gets nicer and FOOTBALL!!! As always I must reiterate the title of this thread is a copy of Semi's 2015 thread that I've co-oped...
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    Miscellaneous News Thread

    Hopefully he had life insurance and the Mrs. has a good job.
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    Site Interruption - Ongoing Maintenance

    Shit rolls down hill. I remember as a kid learning about people in like Rome or wherever dumping their crap in the streams before plumbing. The people downstream were f'ed and got all sick since that poopy water was also ther drinking water. I always thought that was interesting. Point being...
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    Damn! It's Hot Out!!!

    A/C is a godsend. MY condo is nice and chilly at 74 and my work is usually 72. Not sure what the internal temp of my car is but I blast the A/C there too. Outside, what everyone is calling a heat wave up north is just a normal summer down in my swampland. 90's-100's pretty much every day.
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    Miscellaneous News Thread

    I'd be so pissed if a wave murdered my father: Waves are jerks.
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    Canadian News

    When I think of Canadian homicide police, this is pretty much what I picture them doing to crack the case:
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    Site Interruption - Ongoing Maintenance

    Well, that is disappointing. I thought one of you mods wrote that nice little summary. Learning it's generic makes me embarrassed I thought it was so nice. Also, when someone on the floor above me flushes the toilet I can hear it going down the pipes to get to the sewers. Poopy pipes...
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    Site Interruption - Ongoing Maintenance

    Just noticed this in the "About us" section at the bottom of the homepage: Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the...