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    Did anyone listen to O&A today? Stern related

    All true, but I just heard the follow-on McCartney discussion, focusing on the seating, Jared's parents etc, and Howard is so right: hard to believe HS wsan't front-and-center, and treated like the biggest celebrity there; no reference to the signing at all? Seems to me Howard is, if not the...
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    Sl2 power, charging issues

    FYI, I'm just judging by the little lightning bolt that appears next to the battery icon; I'm not sure its actually charging, but the bolt appeared when connected to my computer, but not in any dock. Anyway, I activated my new formerly standby SL2 (now I need a new standby; any expected at...
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    Sl2 power, charging issues

    SO FRUSTRATING. Did this at my desk while on a conference call. It appears that my recovered device IS taking a charge from my laptop when connected via my data cable (didn't think to check if it was charging that way prior to recovery), but still will not take a charge from the Soloist dock...
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    Sl2 power, charging issues

    Hi and thanks for the Responses. Matt, I have tried docking in a powered dock: no response, with or without battery. Bottom line is it will play on any dock, but only so long as the battery is charged and I turn it on (unlike the usual where it automatically turns on when docked in a powered...
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    Sl2 power, charging issues

    So, upon my return from an extended business trip my long-faithful SL2 will not charge its battery when docked (tried it with several different batteries and docks) and will not power up or play in the dock without a battery installed (apparently a well-adjusted SL2 will?). It will play in the...
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    Artie redeems himself

    I'm not a Bubba listener but I would like to have heard this. Any place to find this posted?
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    S50 Drop outs every 10min or so for a second

    I'm very jealous; I loved my s50, it just didn't love me.
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    SL2 / Stiletto 2 - Keeping Your Portable Radio Healthy!

    Thanks much; three times after a full reset my SL@ returned to endless "Please Wait, Error" status, so I quickly returned to BB and got a new SL2; so far so good after seven days (I'm afraid to even say it). May I ask, does using a Microcard increase the frequency of SL2 meltdowns? Is it more...
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    SL2 / Stiletto 2 - Keeping Your Portable Radio Healthy!

    Aaaarrghh! Funny you post; having swapped my SL1 for an SL2 three weeks ago, out of nowhere the SL2 is stuck in an endless cycle of: Dog with grey screen/Dog with dots/then "Error, Please Wait"/then "Shutting Down", and so on, again and again. I've pulled battery and waited many times, but I'm...
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    New HTV subscriber

    Does anyone know why Howard TV is not available on Verizon FIOS TV, and whether there are any intentions for FIOS to offer it up? I'm very jealous.
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    Where are the new radios?

    Perfect timing for this thread. After surviving the S50 and loving the Stilletto 100 ("SL100") since its inception, my Stilletto 100 is near to DOA (only one earpeice works on headphones, my battery backing is separating from its case, etc.) but I've been hanging in there and not doing the BB...