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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    There is now a Stay Home Radio Channel. That will help. All I do is go to work and come straight home. No goofing around in between.
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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    I'm keeping my subscriptions too. If this virus continues and more and more people are forced to work remotely and internet bandwith is stretched to it's limits, it will break, leaving radio and DVD's the top dogs when their becomes restrictions on internet for entertainment.
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    Who Am I? Week #510

    Sainte Etienne
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    Happy Birthday TSS Radio!

    Happy B Day TSS :celebrate2:
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    DRC NFL Pick'em League 2019

    Congrats JHDK! And Aaron 2nd And Chicago Bears 3rd Good picking
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    Who Am I? Week #504

    Buddy Rich
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    Cord Cutters

    I don't know if anyone has seen the new Star Trek: Picard but it looks really good. Very much worth waiting for. i also have just a few days of my Playstation View before they go out of business. We've decided for now to pass on any form of subscription Internet televison so not only have we...
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    DRC Madness #20

    Maui Walt Disney World
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    DRC Madness #20

    Maui Washington Disney World New Orleans
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    Who Am I? Week #502

    Gary Larson
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    The Tour

    That's a very nice looking radio
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    Who Am I? Week #502

    Chester Gould
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    Cord Cutters

    The new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, called Happy New Year, was very funny. Much worthy of keeping the HBO Now. Then on The Roku Channel they have Season 1 & 2 of The Partridge Family While Star Trek Picard premieres in a few days on the CBS All Access
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    Who Am I? Week #502

    Ernie Bushmiller