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    Tony Kornheiser gives The Bridge a shoutout!

    I took it as a real plug. TK is a Sirius guy. He has made off hand Stern show references in the past and would randomly yell "fire" like Artie, back when Artie was the only guy doing it.
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    Some new Shock Jock talk channel is a brewing

    Replays all day doesn't help sell the online/app side of Sirius. This is the opposite of what I thought they would do. I assumed more content and less replay would come across the board.
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    Ron and Fez moving to Raw Dog Jan 2014

    Well, at least you gave it a chance. 10 minutes since Boston/New York should do.
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    Liberty Media buying the remainder of SiriusXM

    If you own stock it means you can now move on with the rest of your life and quit analyzing every article written about Sirius. If you don't own stock, it probably means nothing.
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    Some new Shock Jock talk channel is a brewing

    I can't see 101 rebranded or O and A & Howard being being tied to any channel together. I do think Ellis will be tied with O and A somewhere. However, Opie said a few weeks ago that their show was going to afternoons which would make no sense if Ellis is involved. They do need to kill the...
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    WTD Special "Party Patrol"!

    I have not listened to these yet but I remember trying MegaPartyMix when it came out and thought it was horrifically bad they way it jumped around. Tried it awhile later at work and become hooked in a day. Listened to it a week straight and loved it. They got rid of it at the end of that week...
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    SiriusXM to launch 7 Holiday Channels This Year

    After the first of the year 111 will be a permanent channel. 111 is where the new business channel is going.
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    SiriusXM to launch 7 Holiday Channels This Year

    That was my point about them taking Metallica off 111. It wasn't about them removing Metallica but removing Metallica and not putting anything else on 111 for weeks. Why is that channel ever silent?
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    If you ran SXM how would you price the service?

    Since we are playing around with business models, a Internet/app sub priced comparable to what Pandora charges for premium that would have access to the music category & MySXM only would be interesting. No OnDemand, talk, sports or anything else, just the music block. They would see the same app...
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    Chrysler Customers get Free SXM Sat & Internet Radio for 1 year

    I assumed this was always Sirius's future. One car company one upping the other until they all just offered long term Sirius as standard, much like other car options have become expected. The new GM deal kind of negates my assumptions but maybe the Chrysler deal will inspire other manufactures.
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    iTunes Radio

    I have never had a song repeat during a listening session on MySXM. On ITunes Radio I had songs repeat and artist repeat right after each other.
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    iTunes Radio

    My Sirius stream is back. The MySXM blows ITunes Radio away. I would have to be on welfare before I cut Sirius loose.
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    iTunes Radio

    The Sirius stream is down so I tried ITunes Radio again on my Apple TV. 6 songs in and it has repeated 2 songs already.
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    The Dino Costa Show Moves to a New Channel

    That didn't last long. Tim Sabean started running his show too long ago. Tim also is in charge of Jason Ellis's show. Ellis threatened to leave Sirius a couple weeks ago. Trend?
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    iPad Air

    A $400 dollar IPad 2 makes a $ 500 iPad Air seem not as expensive. For just $100 more you can get the most current "better" IPad that isn't 2 & 1/2 years behind on technology. They need the IPad 2 around to help sell the new IPad & IPad minis.