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    Companies That Might Go Out Of Business

    There goes the other anchor store at the mall.
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    Who Am I? Week #529

    Let's Make a Deal
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    Theme Songs #112

    Among other things.
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    Theme Songs #112

    Congrats IRBS, that was a good theme Jon, I just wasn't thinking deep enough.
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2020

    I think those who pronounce it that way also say Missour-ah.
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    Theme Songs #112

    It's probably in the song lyrics, but being the weekend and all, I don't have time to research it.
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2020

    He was postmaster general in a Seinfeld episode.
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    HecticArt Wonderful Architecture Work

    There's a thread for that.
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    We're All Going to Die

    I'd say something about Germans denying things, but people won't like that.
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    Sadchild's top 333 fav songs of all ever

    It's ok, but it sounds exactly like the covers they use in movies, when they don't have the rights to the original. Usually I consider a good cover to be when it goes in a different direction, like Manfred Mann's Blinded by the Light.
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    The Official DRC Member Happy Birthday Thread!

    Come to Maine, we don't allow Massachusetts people. Unless you're going to be spending it in ManchVegas.
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    Post a pic of yourself here at DRC

    Cool! I used to get that mag from time to time.
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    The Official DRC Member Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Sadchild! Will you be spending the day at Hampton beach or Salisbury?
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    Theme Songs #112

    Songs containing several minutes of nonsense sounds.
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    Theme Songs #112

    Don't sweat it.