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    Etm Dead?

    RIP Eric.... ACK ACK!
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    Issues With Lifetime Subscription

    Saturday night I was listening to my SiriusXM Lynx without issue. Last night I went and turned it on and it told me my radio needed to be activated. I was tired and did not have my laptop near by so I went to bed with the TV on. Tonight I logged in to refresh my account and a few minutes...
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    Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

    Still going... the second half was better then the first. :) Not sure what was up with the crowd, they seemed to have been doing something else for most of the show.
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    Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

    This interview with David Letterman is awesome!
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    Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

    It hasn't been that great so far. And Sirius is so stupid, the other day they sent a email out asking if you would like to set up a SMS reminder so you can tune in 15 minutes before the show starts... So I signed up. At 6:45 PM I get a SMS telling me to tune in as the Howard Stern Birthday...
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    IOS App Issues

    Most of the Interactive and On Demand features were taken down today at 2PM so that they could dedicate / have enough bandwidth for tonight's Howard Stern Birthday Party special.
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    When is the confirmed date when and which CC stations going away?

    The reason I first purchased XM back in 2011 was because of the Extreme channel (Now extreme talk) I went to Orlando on vacation and heard the "Monsters of the Midday" show and I loved it. When they mentioned they were on XM I purchased a XM radio when I got home from my vacation. Been a...
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    Huge Show Coming Back to H101

    Bubbas show is so un-listenable now. He reads news stories that are days old, and plays old Ned Bits. On his IO show he is not even on the show for 20 minutes. And lately hes been bitching that doing the IO show is causing him health problems and that its too much work for him to do.
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    Every MLB Game Now Available on Sirius Radios!

    Well that explains the update last night. :) I consider this BIG news and a positive step for SiriusXM!
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    New Online Channels

    I am LOVING Beautiful Music 2.0! Most EXCITING new addition in YEARS!
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    Art bell on SXM (Update, Art Bell QUITS SXM)

    Art Bell just might be the best addition to SiriusXM since bringing Howard Stern on board.
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    One Thing I would like FIXED on the Lynx!

    I have a Lynx with a Home Kit in my office (and one at home) plus a car kit in my car. The Lynx seems to know the difference between the home kit and car kit, yet everytime I get in my car and plug it in it tells me it can't find the WIFI. I wish it would know (or I could set it) so that when...
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    Ford Sync future Apps

    I purchased my 2011 Lincoln MKX on the promise that it could do these apps, yet none of these apps are supported. I keep being told that a software update will come that will enable these apps to work on my Lincoln Touch system, yet that update never comes. I get a new car every two years so...
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    MySXM (My Control) *Personalized Streaming* for SiriusXM

    I love it! I just wish they would play some sweepers and jingles from the station between some of the songs your listening to to make it feel like your listing to SiriusXM. Right now it feels like an ipod shuffle list. Remind me I am listening to my favorite SiriusXM Channel. :)
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    Bubba vs. MJ Trial

    Watch it live. Live video: FOX 13 newscasts and breaking news