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    "I've got just one rule, give me my break"

    This rule I actually agree with.
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    WHA? Tim Sabean fired on May 1st??

    Guys guys..... He was always busy working on the show. He needed two assistants and multiple phones and tablets to get things done. He's probably just busy cooking up something great for 101. That channel is really going to come around soon. The GREATEST show on earth.
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    iOS 7

    Think Different? :D
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    Benji getting nailed on celebrity superfans

    The only reason I can think of is that what you just said makes sense. I don't think Tim, Sirius, Howard or who ever decides what goes on demand care. It's like they want 101 to fail. The only good show BOR (Geek time is alright too) gets cancelled.
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    Benji getting nailed on celebrity superfans

    Oh man I didn't know there was a celebrity superfan round table. Does anyone know when it will repeat? I'm assuming that its not available through Sirius on demand.
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    Stern show on XM

    So does Jason Ellis.
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    Stern show on XM

    The static on on 100 is still happening for me. It's not overly annoying almost like its slightly over modulated (proper modulation. :P ) it's not happening on Faction, the other channel I listen to at work.
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    Stern show on XM

    I had the crackling yesterday listening online at work. Thought it was my headphones until I changed the channel. EDIT: It's doing it this morning as well.
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    Christian Gay Guy Interview

    I thought it was a good interview. I kinda rolled my eyes thinking it was going to be boring but it was good, interesting and a little bit of "stern humor" thrown in with the fake callers. I feel really bad for the guy actually, he had it really bad and was into some dark shit in his younger...
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    James Franco interview

    Great interview. I didn't feel interested in him coming in but I'm glad I gave the interview a chance it was very interesting.
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    Howard has big plans 03/19/13

    If they do take it away it's their own (Tim's) fault. They've had great shows on there at one time or another. (Back Office Radio) and the good ones get taken off the air and the garbage stays on.
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    Finally Louis CK coming on the show

    Big fan can't wait for him to come in.
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    Anyone else like Back Office Radio with Jason & Will?

    They should just get rid of 101 then. They're are not very many (if any) other good shows on there.
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    The Subject of Robin Out of the Studio, Again

    It's funny, everyone has different things they like about the show. I don't mind robin there. They need the "Straight laced, prude" to poke fun at and just for balance I think, also her ripping into to the new AGT judges and not seeming to care what Howard thinks is great., She's the only one...
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    Howard Not Talking about AGT Monday Morning

    That's true, I made another post somewhere about that. Maybe he'll calm down soon and just not talk about it at all.