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  • Hi everyone - I apologize for the delay in responding. We had some changes to our Digital Care Team. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us here. We'll be checking this site more regular. -Jess (SiriusXM Digital Care Team)
    I have a lifetime membership, a older S50, and three Executive Docks (which are SUPERB units). I wanted to upgrade years ago but finally gave up because it seemed to all be about how to charge me $75 per change and create enough changes so my lifetime membership would be voided. Every conversation was not about helping ME. It was about what was good for Sirius. Is there any person or company I can call that can help me figure out the smartest way to get this service in my car and home without losing the lifetime membership (which is just a lie)? I am sick of feeling screwed by Sirius.
    I just bought a new car and a three month SiriusXM trial came with it. As a fan of Howard Stern, I immediately upgraded to the All Access package.

    Two days, 15+ chats and calls to technical support later, I still have no Stern. I cannot tune to 100 or 101 in my car or listen via internet radio. SiriusXM reports that they're having technical issues and some listeners aren't receiving all channels.

    As someone brand new to SiriusXM, do I need to give them time to work it out (in other words, what they're saying is legit) or is it something else? Thanks
    Hi, i recently purchased the Lynx and after loading the microsd card with songs realized that it does not have the same features as the SL2 where you could sort your music by album, artist, song, and genre. The Lynx only allows you to view by artist and song which is really limiting if you want to listen to a CD in the order that the artist intended or if you have a compilation of songs with different artists. I would appreciate if you could see if a SW update could be incorporated that would fix this. I really enjoy the Lynx so far other than the issue noted above. Regards, Mitch
    Hi Mike -

    We do not have the rights to stream the Summer Games channel on our iPhone app or online player.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    -SiriusXM Digital Care Team
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