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    Why Do They Continue To Sell "new" Sirius Radios?

    I'm going to use this thread to discuss the 2022 timeline. I found a Yahoo article from 2016 with this paragraph: SiriusXM's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses for its Sirius satellites expire in 2017 and 2022 while XM satellites expire in 2018, 2021 and 2022. The company believes...
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    Stiletto 2 Error to recover from.

    I wonder what prompts a receiver to get this message. I've owned SL2's for many years and my current one just had this occur. I sent it to TSS Richard (for the second time) for a software re-install. The previous one was two months ago. Since I bought the receiver in 2010 it might be nearing...
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    Concerts you have attended?

    Saw Fleetwood Mac on 10-20-2018. Thinking about Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson on 6-24-2020.
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    Various Thoughts

    Howard will isolate himself to analyze how he'll approach the topic next year with the right blend of memories (good , but mostly bad) and praise Mel Karmazin for luring him away from terrestrial radio. Hope he avoids the accusations of child labor at the Imus Ranch. The ranch was sols to a...
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    Cord Cutters

    I passed on the three year Disney+ offer because my children are grown. The ESPN+ stand alone for 4.99 per month will be attractive because it will broadcast Bundesliga (German soccer) matches next year. The Roku channel sent me an email with free premium (HBO et al) through the calendar year...
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    SiriusXM Channel 4, SoulCycle Radio

    I've recorded random two hour segments of SSR and listened to songs I Hadn't heard before. I would rename it Mix Tape Radio on January and offer listeners an eclectic, cross genre of up beat hits.
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    New Channel: SiriusXM Utopia

    Sunday Morning BPM turns back the clock with Utopia classic's without taking us back to Studio 54. A nice blend once a week. I still flip over to ch 341 on my phone and catch a few obscure hits from the 80's and 90's that didn't make a "weekly BPM top 20". A hybrid version of Cher and related...
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    Perfect Albums

    Jon , we think alike. If I had to keep my list to three I'd add Led Zeppelin II to Rumors and The Wall. Boston's first album would complete my Mt. Rushmore with honorable mentions to Pink Floyd- The Dark Side of the Moon and AC/DC- Back in Black.
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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    Interesting stuff, I bought a soundbar on Black Friday and now I want to play Sirius and Pandora channels though my Roku so see what they sound like.
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    Next Replacement (stiletto 2)

    After TSS Richard assured me the ancient laptop with the recovery software was up, running and in his possession I sent him my corrupted SL2. He received it, fully recovered the unit and shipped it back to me within a week. I put it through it's on, off, recording, deleting and R & E paces and...
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    Next Replacement (stiletto 2)

    Talked to TSS Richard on Wednesday. He confirmed they still have the ancient laptop with the last functional version of firmware. I shipped my receiver to their new address in Manhattan Beach, California. I'm interested to see if my second SL2 will come back from life support, need Droo to...
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    Next Replacement (stiletto 2)

    The SL2 I bought in January of 2010 started acting up last week. It won't record, delete or R&E. I'm going to call TSS on Monday to see if they still have the laptop with an old version of Windows to reload the firmware. If that fails I'll ask if Droo is still repairing portables and ship it to...
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    Sirius Buys Pandora

    I expect the number of employees increased. I wonder how the day-to-day operations of the Xtra channels are staffed. The playlist seems to change a little each week and substantially each month. The diversification of the extra channels is a welcome change of pace for my receivers. Expanding...
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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    Checked my account online to confirm 120.19 was credited to my account. After a failed attempt to send a signal to my radio through my account setting. I opened a chat and they could not connect me and provided a CS phone number. The CSR applied the 120.19 to my radio and started the...
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    Is Siriusxm Worth Subscribing Again?

    Did some homework this morning to determine the best option for continuing my car (second) sub. The all access plan can be negotiated down to 99 per year instead of 210 but you have to fork over billing information which has bit me in the behind when they tried to auto renew me for the full...