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    Celebrity Superfan Roundtable on Live Now

    LOL, 'crisis' was probably too strong a word! What I meant was during the first hour of the show, an employee at another location kept calling me with various questions and problems about a project she was working on. What sucks is that during today's replay, I tuned in only in time for the...
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    Celebrity Superfan Roundtable on Live Now

    Unfortunately I'm working and keep getting interrupted by "crisis" phone calls (the nerve!) but what I'm hearing is great.
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    Celebrity Superfan Roundtable on Live Now

    Sarah Silverman's there (and no Mutt). Don't know how long the show is, just an FYI.
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    Hey semi, thanks for the kind words!:thumbsup:

    Hey semi, thanks for the kind words!:thumbsup:
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    Skip first 40 mins. of 09/28/10 show

    The bedbug talk is great! More bedbug ranting please. Stern is right -- they are scary monsters and the FDA must bring back DDT, fuck Joni Mitchell. I enjoyed hearing Howard's neurosis and anger over the little bastards. They are the real enemy. They hate our freedom. On the other hand I...
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    Howard on DDT

    Screw the birds, I say bring back DDT and eradicate the bedbug epidemic like we did in the 40s and 50s. And don't let 'em softsoap you with talk about DDT not being as effective anymore, it's worth a shot.
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    Today's show (05/10/10) = horrible!

    In that case they've got a long way to go. There's maybe a handful of good talk shows on Sirius-XM but the majority are just plain bad. Think of all the crap on Martha Stewart Channel, Stars, Playboy Channel, Doctor Radio, etc. And the promise of Howard 101 was certainly never fulfilled...
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    Robin checks out during Wolfie!

    What happened? I missed it. Not listening to every minute of the show like I used to.
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    LT is f'ed up

    I would like the facts to come out before blindly believing the news media hype. Did he rape a 15 year old girl or did he think he was patronizing a prostitute, or none of the above? If reports are true he's a piece of shit and should be locked up. Or it could be a set-up or who knows at this...
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    Okay, now this is some funny shit...

    Gary's new book "They Call Me Baba Booey" is available for pre-order on Amazon, and the funniest thing is the tags listed under the product details (words and phrases associated with the product for searching purposes). The tags include "horsetooth jackass", "ra ra retard", "elitest monkey"...
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    Tom Taylor on Superfan Round Table Thursday!

    Yay! This is the first time ever I'll be making it a point to listen to SFRT...
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    WOW, Beth's book being crucified so far on Amazon!

    Good call kingofnicotine, I don't care one way or the other but there's been a thread about Beth's book being open for comments on SFN since yesterday. You can bet most of the "reviews" are from SFN members who didn't read the book but hate Beth in the same way Beatles fans used to hate Yoko.
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    Celebrity Name Game

    Eric Norris
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    Courtney Love on Lithium

    What time was that on Friday again? Whatever people think of her personally she does have good taste in music.