1/10/2019: Uncensored Show

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    It was probably more of a Ned and Bubba Show...they opened packages with brief visits from Blitz, Coltun and Rob.

    FTE and a very long caper intro. Bubba and Ned wondering if they were on and they on. Asking Ned if he does the four-hour deal and it's exhausting. Bubba cursed and they're not on FM and it's good.

    He was watching WGN Full Metal Jacket and it was loose with the language and Blitz saying everyone's loose and once something happens, it'll be tight crackdown again. Talk about how Elvis shook his hips on TV.

    They used to do wild stunts and talk about anal on FM and they can't do that anymore. "Behind the knee" and "under the armpits" with the kid's table with their packages.

    Ned was wondering what was less than a skeleton crew...a ghost crew, rudderless through the night.

    Ned in full getting, going to The Villages, trying to talk dirty to some retiree old-age women.

    Talking about hanging out with Dennis Rodman and Hogan at the Super Bowl in New Orleans and there was a code word to ask for the PR handler. When someone said the word, they were family. They got VIP treatment with upper room deal, 4th floor, champagne and girls and Rodman asked on the mic who would suck him off and 10 girls all went up there. Ned was wondering if it was a rube and it was a shoot.

    Talking about Ned doing stuff like that.

    Pookie on cam shuffling her butt, expressing her anal glands.

    All these listeners sending them stuff on their Amazon and Wal-Mart online wishlist deals. Bubba needs selfie sticks...he loses them, breaks them, uses them anally...

    Bubba said he's healthy but the doc says his stress levels are high.

    Ned trying to poke Bubba and apparently Bubba felt Ned's weiner.

    Bubba mad shoot-style at Tuddle. Some fishing stuff for Tuddle... A hat that Bubba might wear and a "Fishermen's lives matter" which Bubba would never use.

    Opening a package for Blitz's Twitch deal.

    Tuddle and Trace apparently got fired and now all the bling is coming in which would have been great for those two.

    Some flashlight deal and Bubba having fun with it.

    Listener "Donkey Teeth" sending all sorts of awesome gifts.

    Playing with the packages.... whatever is going on hashtag wtf is happening and now Coltun's glasses batteries fell out because he didn't put the cover on and now goofing on Coltun emailing 911 like he would. Bubba wants to headbutt him.

    Bubba got his face blowed up when this package started beeping and Ned goofing it was a bomb. (It wasn't.)

    Ned and Bubba putting their stuff in the "Bling box" so it won't disappear like it would.

    Goofing on Ned almost killing Brooke Hogan.

    Rob messed up and the beard came off and it's kayfabe and Bubba says everyone knows it's like Santa Claus for adults.

    A little less than 30 minutes once they got started after that long intro.
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