10/1/2018: Uncensored Show

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    FTE into Long Kiss Goodnight by Notorious B.I.G.

    Twitch and BubbaArmyRadio if BAR is up...it is. Probably no phone calls today...Manson may do a show of "I'm right and you're wrong" aka his show. Bubba heard some last week.

    Elon Musk in trouble. $20 million to the SEC for tweeting out info on his own company. Tuddle hasn't heard much about it. Manson says he kind of jackassed himself out of the business. This car will change colors like a mood deal. Ned says it's stupid and it's just a commercial. Bubba says it would be cool to have one in real life.

    Bubba commenting on the article and how fast it all happened. He didn't talk to his advisors. Everyone freaked out about his weed with Joe Rogan. Less than three weeks after a tweet, Elon Musk abandoned his plan to take the company private. Offered to increase investment.

    Bubba says it isn't a big deal.

    Tuddle asking if he has to step down from SpaceX and nobody knows and that's why Blitz is in such a bad mood...SpaceX is Blitz's porn.

    He's still making money, but not making decisions. Bubba wishes he didn't have to make decisions over BubbaArmyRadio.

    Talking now about an idea for concrete pavers. Concrete being laid into puzzles make it look like something Hootie and Linda would have had.

    It would straight wreck anyone who had to do that kind of labor for a full day.

    Video of a horrifying bridge. Bubba and Manson both say no thanks. It makes Bubba's dick go in. Bubba says it would be five semis on top of the bridge and he still wouldn't go on it.

    Bubba says it'll be a problem when Trace and Colton get drones and maybe people will be able to get inside them, but Bubba will take up all the space inside a two-person drone.

    Drones for people inside could happen within the next two years, but they've been promising flying cars forever...

    Taking silk from spider DNA, put in a goat and bullet-proof skin is a reality. Super-silk three times stronger than kevlar about 10x stronger than steel.

    Bubba says we're gonna cut and splice everything and we can't shoot it and it's a spider-goat.

    Caller asks about Tech9 coming to the Ritz and does Gardulo know...does schedule permit for an interview? They'll try to make it happen.

    Bubba says this whole spider-goat thing is a badass baby goat.

    Bubba says he wants the heart of Usain Bolt to be a fast 300-pounder. Ned wants Greg Oden's penis.

    Playing spider-goat video and asking if they really need the music behind it and commenting on the video. Bubba says it's all clickbait.

    Caller asks if they can get Lasker to do some NASCAR picks on the final races, maybe a top 3 or top 5 deal. Bubba says that's Friday.

    Bubba fascinated with wind farms. He says a single rotation can power an entire home for a day and we don't we build these like crazy... Big energy? Another says it's because birds die like crazy. Bubba says it's a misconception. 3000 birds per year die because of wind farms, yet 1.5 million or so birds die each year because of domestic cats. Bubba says do it in the middle of the ocean where nothing else is... This is the cheapest form of power by far and the farmers can also do it.

    Ned: "leave it to a bunch of dumbass Hoosiers to do this in Indiana where there isn't a bunch of wind...rubes..."

    Bubba says they could do it in Texas.

    Tuddle looking up an algae farm...Bubba knows a guy...PVC pipes all over the place... US government ordered a huge research deal into algae farms back in 2014. Big Algae is coming.

    99% of all wind farms in the country... Wind employs twice as many people as coal mining.

    SNL on the Kavanaugh hearing deal. They took signs away from Alyssa Milano before she entered the courtroom. Playing clips from SNL. Trump was full-hot on this.

    Married woman pays strangers to cuddle with her. How much of a loser do you have to be to do that? Commenting on this story. Bubba would start snoring and then pop a boner. Audio clips from this whole deal. This guy Ian can control his boners because he's a professional cuddler. Ned says that boners are extra and various other acts are additional fees.

    A caller calls in to talk about it and cuddlist.com is the site where you can get these professional cuddlers.

    Bubba says this whole cuddlist deal is too crazy...he either wants to book one or become one. Maybe the show wants to book one and Bubba looks into that and there's two in Tampa. Bubba says this market is wide open. Bubba wants to get one of the dudes from the site in there to get with Trace. It's a blind date...no photo and Ned says he's a beast.

    They read the profile and Ned says bla bla bla $40 to do nothing.

    Bubba says it's catfish type of deal because they don't want you to see the pic. One dude available in two markets. It's two dudes in all of St. Pete, Tampa and Clearwater.

    $240 to cuddle and do nothing and you can upsell other things. Bubba says you can call privately.

    They took BackPage and Craigslist away and people have to be creative for their $80 suckjobs...jacking, sucking, creampies, everything you could possibly think of. Cuddle and fist at the same time.

    New story about Sarah Palin's son being arrested on domestic violence charges. If your name is Track, you're a douche.

    Story about the soccer mom who is suing for her kid's spot on the team. The school has a policy where juniors can't go to JV if they fail to make varsity.

    Finally...the newest viral sensation is this screaming sausage deal.

    Manson's deal next... Unsigned Band Review, creative stuff and cleaning tomorrow.

    A little over an hour, maybe 1:03 or so.

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