10/11/2018: Ned And Bubba Show

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    FTE into Ten Crack Commandments.

    Bubba opens with a few wiki wikis and some directions on what Ned needs to do when he gets in. First caller from the 321 and they'll do some packrages when Ned gets in. They're testing some mics and all sounds good.

    Ned rolls in like a gangster. He was getting some water. Should Bubba roll the opening?? He does and it's Ned describing what's in different packages... Start up the caper music and Ned sounds great on mic. He's full volume. Ned apparently can't hear himself and they did it before with headphones.

    "This is this place" says Bubba and Ned says "You got me on that one."

    Ned's beard is really Garnett's pubic hair.

    Are they on the air? Does anyone really care? Tell Blitz to minitor Twitch levels.

    A huge caper deal with the headphones and it appears the headphones got plugged in backwards.

    Talking about what Elvis did with pills and young girls, etc. All the girls backstage want to get with the guys...everybody wanted Elvis...girls, gay dudes, trans, etc. He was the king. Elvis's wiggling hips pile-driving someone from the back.

    How much of a pimp is someone when someone sends them free stuff and Elvis got the girls.

    Ned says Elvis killed himself due to getting too many girls and couldn't satisfy them all.

    If Elvis lived in Polk County, he would have been arrested by Grady Judd... "If you got a hunka hunka burning love, stay out of Polk County." Grady Judd would dig him help and arrest him. "In a surprise move, Elvis's skeleton is testifying today."

    Elvis was the King...he could have that dude's 14 year old daughter.

    Manson out some Braveheart makeup on Bubba today and Ned saw it.

    It's now 33 after and Bubba is opening a package...a Twitch user makes beef jerky and it's infused if you're in California, but this isn't infused. Ned says it's infused with ass. Ned looked at Bubba with hate. He says he's looking out for Bubba like a young boy in the woods. Ned is so cool and Bubba starts laughing. Bob could never play the gimmick...Howard Film Fest... Bob was the only one who got recognized by Howard. Bubba laughing hysterically. He never was on air one minute and got recognized by Howard.

    Orange styofroam in a new package...shipping peanuts. Bubba said they're probably government poisoning the people. Ned says it's like an elephant dong... only one in a pack, but it's eight feet long.

    More packages... Bubba knows what one is, but he can't say.

    More gifts... Varieties of Febreeze. Bubba wants to keep it under lockdown. Trace will ends up with them all.

    Ned explaining how he had cam whores in the studio once and Bubba got the idea to get rich off packages.

    They really need the Febreeze. Ned says they're filthy.

    Some Prep H wipes and Bubba will wipe his ass tonight with them. Ned will just scoot on the carpet.

    Someone else sends a ream of paper. Ned doesn't care how many wipes he takes home. Ned and Bubba both do manly, gross smelling ones. Good...toxic...

    Two left.

    Hemorrhoid wipes with witch hazel. Ned just squats over the sprinkler. A whole roll of TP...and he's said too much again.

    Talking about sending gifts and maybe some of them are for Donna because she mentions stuff during Cluster F radio and Ned doesn't listen to that. Bubba ran the video board once.

    During 98 Rock days, Bubba would get in at 5:58 and his first two breaks would be to buy time because he was late. Sometimes, he'd be on the Howard Franklin Bridge at 6. Today he was early and the show started late.

    Ned says they gave six hours of entertainment in a half hour.

    About 36 minutes from the start of FTE until the end of the show, but they let the caper music go for minute or two later.
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