10/15/2018: Uncensored Show

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    There is absolutely zero way I can possibly write this up in detail and it's not because I'm being tired or lazy or busy or whatever. I'll give it a best attempt. This woman was a total wreck, an absolute mess. It's radio gold at the least.

    Manson was getting ready for his own "I'm Right, You're Wrong" show. A few minutes in, a female came into the building who was very upset over people who lost everything in the recent hurricane. Her husband called in and they talked about their sex life. She's been zig-zagging around the state for her hashtag cause while her husband works.

    About an hour in, Tracy Morgan called in and they talked about the fundraiser for her non-profit. She said for everyone who donates, she'll suck him off. Tracy Morgan said he had $10 for some head and she doesn't want to suck him off, but Bubba said she would. Bubba said Tracy Morgan is a pimp and she doesn't know who Tracy Morgan is. Tracy Morgan is a millionaire with street cred and she's a dumb white girl. She left her joints at home and if she knew, she would have brought the party with Bubba's full bar.

    She was in the parking lot and now she's full blown. She doesn't have any money raised, she doesn't have a non-profit, but she's full-loon in the parking lot.

    Asking what Tracy Morgan is up to these days...his Last OG TV show and he's got a movie where he's doing a voice over. He's doing pretty good, baby steps, day by day with his accieent and he's doing pretty good. Things are good with the wife and he's just hanging out and feeling good. He just got his wife about two minutes ago. He says a minute and a half and he's good.

    Bubba Army Brad called in and was wondering what the heck was going on with all that mess. Bubba being honest and saying she looks really dumb and nobody really cares about this whole thing.

    Kevin in Tampa wondering what Evil Knievel has to say about this. Is she begging for weed or money? She'll tuck all night.

    Bubba asking if it's a work or a shoot. He says Savannah is totally crazy. She says if anyone shows up with $2000, she'll get topless.

    Bubba going to let her go and have the guys take her out to her car. She's says "no" to Trace, but will consider it a parting gift.

    Bubba says she needs help and she needs her husband to take care of her. She says her husband also took a vow to be there for her needs and this cause is what she needs.

    Blitz says she needs to suck her husband off. She's tired and wants Bubba there to tape it for content. She'll go back home and they'll call her tomorrow (today) around the 9am hour to see if she and her husband had sex.

    He'll call after 10am around 10:15 during the uncensored show to ask if she had sex and if they did and it's validated by the husband, Bubba will continue to promote.

    He's doing her a solid by doing this whole deal. They'll call around 10:15 and they'll get an update on the details. She says she likes anal first and Bubba says that explains the craziness.

    Trace and Colton will walk her out and get her number for the update.

    #trashbucket20 or something like that.

    Exit interview to be taped. Colton wants to see something, but she'll be professional. She tried to make a deal where she'd get some crazy girls in, but Bubba denied.

    Bubba apologies to Manson for taking his show, but it worked. Manson said it was a little long and Bubba was trying not to make her look crazy. They wonder if Tracy Morgan will ever call in again.

    Talking about wondering if Manson wants to do more show, but he's been there for almost two hours and he's ready to leave.

    She's still in the lot, so they want to stay imside before doing something with Colton's need to be jump-started.

    Ned saying he'll get his tits sucked by her. She'll make him feel good. He's a giving lover.

    Bubba wants to wrap it up... He says this girl was insane... inconsolable.... Tore up, last-ditch effort by Trace wears him out.

    He hasn't gone to look at the chat... 742 in right now. Bubba has tax stuff and other stuff to do.

    1 hr 34 minutes later, AC/DC and stay tuned for Buds and Suds.
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    There was no uncensored show today. Near the start of today's FM show, Bubba discussed yesterday's mess. In the final moments of today's FM show, he played some clips of Savannah in the parking lot.

    Here's how it went down:
    Manson had just started his "I'm right, you're wrong" deal. Bubba was in the green room, getting ready for the Tracy Morgan interview. He then was hearing the crazy woman outside. One of his guys came in out of breath and clued him in.

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