10/22/2018: Uncensored Show

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    FTE into Somebody's Gotta Die by Notorious B.I.G.

    Making sure we're clear and we are and that's good because of the song. Trace and Tuddle are both smashed drunk (surprise, surprise). Some cute girls around there and Bubba hasn't been with a black girl and he kinda wants to and she's hot. Bubba has to change it up and he may reinvent himself. Half-black doesn't count...Kerry Washington would count. She's hot.

    Imagine a threesome with the two girls in the building. Give Bubba a two hour notice and he'll gimmick it up like Rod Carew.

    Some Tramadol and he can't feel his dick for hours. Hogan used to do some painkillers before sex. It's good to last long...Bubba could go five hours on a gimmick. 25mg of Zoloft is a lot.

    Bubba said he did 18 hours in college.

    Bubba has some guys repaint his walls and he's sad to leave it because it's mack daddy now. All the paintings are down and his place used to look like Scarface meets Billy Madison.

    His cleaning lady is white trash hot...she wants to bring her daughter back to Bubba's house while she finishes cleaning... She just broke up with her Russian boyfriend. They go to Bubba's house and Tuddle is there and she's on all sorts of drugs, just in a carwreck and the cops didn't check her for drugs and she's all kinds of a hot mess. Her boyfriend's girlfriend called her up and just gave him herpes and it's all kinds of trailer park mess.

    So anyway, Blitz was living there for two years and it's all professionally staged and it doesn't look like the same house. Everything got moved around and they're looking at photos. Everything looks a lot better. How to move the piano is the big question.

    They're commenting on how to move stuff... Talking about a news story where the cops arrest a 14 year old girl and the cop blasts the girl...

    Making A Murderer season 2 now on Netflix and who committed the crime... Bubba saw some Trump series on Netflix and it talks about his whole life. A financial analyst just saw Trump's tax returns and it appears Trump is in financial debt and it doesn't look good and Trump managed to get the guy fired from the NY Post because the Post didn't want to get sued.

    Gardulo says Making A Murderer season two is better than season one.

    The girls who were in today didn't have a lot of makeup on and Bubba hates when they overdo the makeup.

    Weather down there is warm and Bubba wants to open his windows and he'd be gone for the weekend and the doors and windows would be wide open...when he was there, the AC would be blasting.

    Is Sumo watching? What happened to the bumper on Sumo's car? If he's listening, text Bubba... Trace is dialing his dad...he's not gonna answer.

    Bubba won't call Dan Diaco... What if he's in the middle of something important? The phone is ringing... He doesn't answer. Trace didn't hear back from the detectives about the stabbing earlier. Trace, Blitz and Tuddle in a huge whodunit... Bubba will give him the bill and Kevin Hayslett.

    Bubba showing the guy's name and he has to get back to the show with the above info...Bubba not saying a lot over the mics. This guy can't talk to Trace because Trace lawyered up. Bubba knows his number by heart and that isn't a good thing.

    Trace has nobody's names in his phone. Prepping Trace for his date and asking if she'll blown him and Bubba is typing that in a text and Trace his getting nervous and Bubba saying "if she says no, say it was my boss" and worst-case scenario they'll play the audio back. If she says yes, it's not a big deal.

    "You can't get pregnant from road head" may be a new shirt.

    Bubba not doing too good in life, but he doesn't have herpes.

    Bubba texting Trace's girl on Trace's phone. He's really scared with these hijinks that Bubba is playing on Trace's phone.

    Asking Coltun about these phone hijinks and Coltun is going into the studio... Trace's girl Lauren is going to hear about this and be full hot... They'll frame Manson for something and they're the only ones who talk about framing somebody and actually go through with it. Lauren isn't returning the calls or text. What job does Lauren do? He's not sure he can say without giving it away.

    Coltun got into an accident where he hit a tree on his friend's acres...most of him were from via texting and Bubba says that's due to inexperience. Coltun got a motorcycle. Trace doesn't have enough money for it. Insurance may pay for it or whatever... $5000 worth of damage and it wasn't totaled out. It was a real big tree and Coltun won't be mad if it was totaled out.

    A caller saw a video of Trace and Colton and Coltun was driving with his knees while texting and that's a good way to kill somebody. Coltun wasn't trying to total the truck.

    Playing audio from Monsters in the Morning...this guy is untalented and narcissistic. He needs to get back with his old girl and get back in shape. He's wearing a girdle and has logos over his stomach to hide everything.

    A very prominent plastic surgeon has a wife who had to call Dr. Diaco. He's the best in the business and Manson may write another song. They'll throw some people in the corner of the doctors office. This whole thing Manson had done may heal quicker. He just walked out instead of checking at the desk and now his phone is blowing up. Bubba's friends include doctors and lawyers and that's a good deal for when they're needed. Bubba was going to super glue Manson's nose back, but he needed 11 stitches.

    Lauren wrote them back...they're trying to get Trace some road head. She's going with it for Saturday night. She needs some polygrip...all gums and no teeth mean a slow ride.

    Trace got set up with the table at the restaurant and two hot bartenders with some gift cards. He's broke and has no gas money...but it's about an hour to travel. Trying to prep Trace up for this date... who'll be the bodyguard? The bodyguard can't be knocked down with a breath of air.

    What if Bubba got Limo Greg for free? That wouldn't be bad, but now Trace is all in on this deal with the limo, but before the limo, he wasn't into it. He's never been on a date with the limo.

    Kevin Hayslett owns two limos...that would be awesome.

    Bubba will get a car if Trace promises not to smoke in it. They're both smoking real heavy stuff, but he rarely buys them... he'll usually do Black and Tans instead of Marlboro Blacks. Bubba thought he was a light guy, but that isn't true. The fact she smokes blacks turns him on a bit. All his previous girls get on him and nag him so this is a relief.

    Back to the Rawlins talk and he says he was in radio for 26 years and Bubba says that's a lie. He ripped off Manson's Blackman from about 20 years ago. He's got a Kickstarter for his book and this other guy is doing the illustrations.

    Last Saturday, Bubba got a text from Tony Stewart about his track and Tony will be there doing a Sprint car deal. Tony has lost weight. Bubba says Blitz should go up and Blitz probably will.

    Here's audio from Russ (FM radio guy) and Hootie is in there and it's screwjob. Hogan is in black and white and he's drunk. Bubba wants to do a "Best of Bubba" on there and says he and Manson should go over there and do a show. This Russ guy is a cheeseball.

    If someone broadcast from a radio station's parking lot, wouldn't the radio station go down there and introduce themselves? Bubba let the Phillies and other radio people like Kevin Nash do shows from his studio.

    He reminds Bubba of a Tom Arnold. Playing audio and goofing on it..."You might know me from..." and Bubba says "I might have a girdle on" to good on this guy.

    Caller asks if Bubba is gonna do some races soon since he's been working out, but Bubba says he's not planning on it.

    A new caller wondering to see if the radio guy is as tall as he's wide. The joke fell flat. Manson's show is up next and Tuddle wants to see if he can go as long as he can...that's a ploy by Tuddle.

    Bubba feeling bad for Manson's cut finger. Manson is hilljack resilient so he'll fight off all those diseases. They were just trying to buy time until Manson got back.

    Show about 1:33 long.
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    Short version:

    He got waaay too cocky with Sirius back in 2010 and that deal fell apart and he got too cocky with the Hogan sex tape deal.

    The dude has a quality show, but the problem is that he burned too many bridges and he also has a bad reputation from the hog incident which was badly misinterpreted by haters.

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