10/25/2018: Ned And Bubba Show

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    Starting off with a Manson song parody about someone taking a nasty tumble, followed by a filthy Ned song about getting it on with a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch.

    They talked over the Biggy song and Bubba yelling at Caveman about the situation with the overhead lights not being right 16 seconds from air time. Bubba full hot on this. Turn lights on, off, whatever. Ned doesn't care. Caveman wondering what Blitz thinks and Blitz says good. Ned wondering what the dude with the huge Chilean penis wonders.

    Robb slammed the door and Bubba's enthusiasm goes down to zero. Bubba doesn't want the lights.

    700 viewers on Twitch and Ned says with their star power, they should be at 800. Tuddle and Trace get 900. 710 now and they're barely holding on.

    People from New Jersey vacation in Cleveland. People tweeted at Rob for free tickets and he has to go back to check and he slammed the door.

    Barely above 710, so they should be gone, but let's open some packages. Abby Morgan, aka Bubba's sugar momma opened some packages. She sent him some putty that sounds like queefing. Ned wondering if that sound is Garnett. Bubba wants to take it home and Ned won't blame him. Asking Blitz if they'll get in trouble on Twirch and they're good.

    Ned says they got a lot of hats. Flordia Phil sent some stuff...a baseball for the kid, but nobody ever plays baseball with him.

    Bubba got an awesome hat and he needs a new hat. The whole box is for him, but he'll share the box with Ned. He got a Reece's hat and a matching shirt. He doesn't want the Coke hat or the Hard Rock hat.

    He's wondering what something is...he gets to some chocolate with cherries in it and doesn't want it, but Ned will eat those cherries.

    Bubba giving something to Ned and he knocked the chocolate over. They're goofing and talking about the gifts.

    Ned told to be like Manson and he has a scar to match Manson's. He says he got a fake scar at party city.

    He got a mug that said "World's OK-est Employee" and Bubba says if any employee sent him that, he'd be fired. He says he's gonna smash that mug.

    How can people get in on the excitement? Amazon or Wal-Mart wishlists says Ned.

    Ned all steamed up over the Snickers bars. Blitz says that Ned is bogarting all the packages. Blitz told to shut up.

    Trace got some condoms. Ned says he won't use them.

    The red condom tastes like cherries. Ned says it smells like his dog's dick. Bubba wondering how he knows that.

    Numbers at 816. They gotta be careful with the condom-tasting.

    They put the condom on the microphone and it helps stop the "popping of the p's." They're using condoms as reservoir-tip p-poppers so it's probably time to wrap it up.

    Ned making monkey-sounds and they can't do that in today's environment.

    They're walking up out of there like straight pimps. Blitz and Caveman are going to put some gifts in Bubba's area to keep it safe. He has stuff to do. They're talking about the gifts and the pussy-farting putty. Ned playing some sort of judge in this whole situation. Bubba wondering what the deal was with Abby. Bubba won't push the issue...Ned wonders with who...Megan Fox?

    How to end the show? Do they want to go outside and smash? They can't without a huge deal, so they may want to record it for tomorrow's show opening bit. Caveman drinks coffee or tea every day. Bubba didn't think that was the case so it shows what he knows.

    36 minute show.
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