10/26/2018: Uncensored Show

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    Asking if Lummox is in and talking about being in there for his big opportunity and Lummox messed it up...a huge whodunit caper.

    Getting bits and sound effects ready for the NE-Buffalo game.

    WEBN boomsday on the Ohio River with Kentuckians and Ohioans on either side. Talking about Manson getting his Scotty "Adderall" Ferrall voice ready.

    Manson doing a Ferrall impression on the MNF game. You should have listened to Ferrall if you lost that NFL bet. Talking about the London game and hyping that up as Ferrall.

    Jets at Bears and hyping that game up.

    Tampa Bay at Cincinnati... Jameis Winston has a big dick and he needs to soak it in cold water and is that a fire hose down there? Cincinnati wins for the prediction.

    Seattle at Lions... Matt Stafford on the good weed, KitKats in the huddle. He says Lions will win.

    Andy Reid is a walrus in heat who won't be denied. CTE, schmeeTEz concussions get me hard...

    Washington at Giants... 49ers went with Kaepernick how'd that work out, Washington wins...

    Browns blow, Pitt wins big, terrible towels, etc.

    Baltimore at Carolina... 1pm CBS...Cam Newton takes a piss in Joe Flacco's bag, shakes it three times, shake it uppppp...

    Colts win, Raisers lose...

    Green Bay prediction..

    Cardinals win at home, but who cares...

    Vikes win their game in a blowout.

    Singing "Smoke on the Water" but it's a Pats win song about Gronkowski and Brady.

    The article at the TB newspaper site. Read it, comment and like.

    Lummox got there at 8:25. Playing "Smoke on the Water."

    Maybe about 14 minutes long plus the song and the credits.
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