10/29/2018: Uncensored Show

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    FTE into Ned's Monday Night Football song into N's bleed by Notorious.

    Bubba taking a call by pretending it's the Robb Show. Hijacking his interview and Manson needs to explain what's going on. Apparently Bubba hijacked another show. Robb gonna go do a Steve Hofstetter interview.

    Bubba now, Manson later then Buds and Suds with a side order of Lummox. Lummy brought fish in and nobody offered any to Bubba.

    Fans are starting to hate on Trace but Trace needs Tuddle. Bubba and Manson say they're both ok by themselves, but put them together and they're a mess...like adding Lasker to Bubba and Manson.

    Trace needs to throw Tuddle a bone or something...talking about how cool it would be if they went on a date with their girls for the radio. Tuddle says without suds there's no buds. Those two need each other. Suds is down and buds is up. They're talking about getting handjobs from each other and Ned perks up.

    Tomorrow's FM show is the Buds and Suds Halloween deal so they can't do the YouTube commentary so maybe they'll do this clip if it isn't played out yet. They're taking a show vote now. Trace said he'd faceplant into the rock with concussion number seven or however many.

    A new video of soccer ball ping-pong with a hot chick with big jugs. Ned asks if it's the twink Olympics because it's a load of crap.

    New video! Some sort of Evil Knievel deal across a big canyon and if you fall, you'd be dead.

    Two black girls fighting and the Mike Tyson one looks like she's about to beat up the other girl. Bubba says the only thing more white trash was when Trace KO'ed Bald Bull. Bubba says it's the best female KO he's ever seen. The commentator sounds like Tuddle.

    New video of a guy with a four-wheeler hits Yankee Doodle on the horn and it's Gene Lasker meets Trace white trash.

    Now they're playing some Soul Train 80s rap stuff.

    A guy on a jetski crashing it. Trace would recreate. Trace said he'd land it like a baller.

    Some dudes in Bangkok driving mopeds and Trace needs to go there and drive like that. Manson says everybody for himself and no streetlights may be the way to go. They say nobody is on their phone driving because everyone has to be so attentive.

    Some club scene music and guys in the video and Trace wouldn't do it.

    Bubba saying he's doing good with the videos of what to play or not.

    A teacher walking and a dad comes up and just fights the teacher. What would Manson do to protect Berlin at her age of 15? Guy beating up a girl over some PornHub deal and she got charged with incest and Ned wakes up. Ned says "guilty!" The girl student was 14...incest charge so it's maybe a family member. The victim shot videos on her phone and another student found them on PornHub. Bubba says it isn't right, but the trouble isn't the uploading, but the act itself. The video was reviewed a bunch of times in private. News clips of the video. Bond is 1.7 million and Manson says it's Bin Laden money.

    A news clip of a guy who got his junk bit off in a threesome. The police chief was stunned. The woman was on heroin and meth and Ned says that's the cost of doing business. "We want to warn you some of what you're about to hear may disturb you" says the reporter. Manson says this is a wild story and Ned says it's the best party ever when the bleeding naked woman is coming at the police on all fours. She was tazed and then Narcan'ed to get back to life. Bubba says she's party girl of the year.

    Finally... the country of Jordan...this boxer beats up his trainer because he lost.

    Bubba said he was watching some Kardiashians and he knew why everyone hates on the deal. He found himself hating the Kardiashians. They're arguing over some stupid photo shoot and garbage drama. Bubba says they put on way too much makeup and it's 46 shades different from their hands and face. Bubba says it's not real, it looks animated. Manson says it's so fake. Bubba says that everyone wants to be famous, but they can't, so they end up liking the Kardiashians. Kim is $450 million and Rob is $10 million and the others are more millions. Bubba was watching it to hate it.

    Bubba saying he can cut promos and that's what they're doing is cutting promos and working it.

    Talking about how the Kardiashians got famous because the lawyer from the OJ trial blasted some other dude and Bruce Jenner and their sex tape and Bubba's sex tape didn't turn out like theirs. Bruce starts hitting her when he's a guy and Bruce is $100 million and Ned says Bruce's dick is up for grabs. Bubba said he'd dress up like a girl for $100 million and get some Diaco's and keep his dick and Ned would play with Bubba's tits. Asking if Tuddle would be allowed down there, but it wasn't answered the first time and we're out 39 minutes later.
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