10/30/2018: Uncensored Show

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    Long Kiss Goodnight intro music.

    Starting off the show with Tuddle mustard mouth caper. He's got a Juggalo sweatshirt on with an airsoft. Everyone is goofing and laughing.

    Caveman putting the pumpkins on the ledge. Apparently they're going to shoot pumpkins with airsoft guns. Bubba pointing the gun around. Tuddle has sad eyes because Bubba is pointing a gun his way. Bubba is shooting the pumpkins.

    Now that they can cuss, Jeff isn't cussing.

    Talking about what stunts to do...This guy Jeff is crazy...he wants to do bobbing for apples with women. Everything is crazy and Bubba blows the train horn.

    Lummox gave Jeff a kiss after Jeff got shot point-blank in the head. A caller can't believe he just saw that.

    Offering some Miller Light after vodka. Offering a vodka enema or a waterboarding of Trace with vodka.

    Trace being all whiny. "Stop playing the mustard mouth clip."

    Bubba doesn't want to waterboard Trace. Bubba wants to do mustard mouth shirts.

    Jeff says no other radio promos are as much fun.

    Trace wants to drink in the parking lot but he might pass out there. Buubba asking if there's another radio show where the host's main concern is the staff drinking and passing out in the parking lot.

    Everyone talking and laughing all over each other. Something about ass-vodka and Bubba Army Vodka.

    Bubba paging Giant Beetlejuice to the party. He's in the lot, backing up in and Bubba telling someone to get him. Bubba wants all of the guns so that no one will shoot Giant Beetlejuice.

    Bubba used to beat his staff up and now he's being all soft.

    Giant Beetlejuice now in the studio. He's going up to the bar and "Stoned Joey Logano" is there. Everyone is drunk and Bubba feels like he's at Livestock again.

    37 gallons of vodka in the back of the truck that's all theirs. Bubba saying some "of mice and men" thing is all about them. Now a clip and saying that's something Lummox would do. Jeff from Touch Vodka is in there. Manson says this clip isn't the original.

    Bubba telling Lummox to prep to get shot in the head more often. Lummox had the floor, but spun out. Bubba says his #1 Twitch rating is because of his staff, but Tuddle disagrees as it's also Bubba doing that.

    Trace has about five bottles and is partying. Giant Beetlejuice is also there.

    One of them is on other stuff like opiates. Bubba says he has opiate eyes. He's hooked on opiates and mispronounced it.

    Tuddle told to look into the camera and smile with his mustard mouth. Bubba says it's "mustard mouth isolation" camera and asks him to pose. Tuddle keeps refusing. Apparently Bubba held Tuddle's mouth down to get Tuddle to drink.

    Tuddle doesn't care about Manson. Tuddle is drunk and has to run the board.

    Singing "macho man" but it's "mustard man." Tuddle told them to stop it. Manson said he's get the costume.

    Playing Village People and discussing the mustard man deal. Everyone singing the hook but it's "Mustard Man." Someone (Jeff?) fell asleep and Bubba blasting the horn and he's out cold and he's alive and Lummox told to give him mouth-to-mouth.

    Asking if they can be sued by Touch Vodka if the owner of Touch Vodka dies on their floor... It's the best endorsement, the best advertising ever. Asking if Jeff can say something or is there, but he's out. His eyes are open. Bubba asking to get the camera on him. Jeff is passed out, this doesn't seem good, cue FTE.

    About 44 minutes into a very crazy uncensored show and they're done.

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