10/8/2018: Uncensored Show

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    A full FTE into Last Day by Notorious B.I.G.

    Bubba eating a big bucket of Nutella and Tuddle is enjoying watching it. Nutella AMSR says Manson. Tuddle turns it into scat porn because he says it looks like scat..."One Guy One Cup." Manson says to name the channel "Fat Guy One Cup." The fans online are popping and Bubba doesn't believe it. The blood sugar is spiking. 889 people watching Bubba eat Nutella.

    Bubba says Manson and Tuddle should eat it...it's really rich and only a white trash albino gorilla like Bubba can do it. You'd probably die if you ate it all. It's an industrial-size food service size.

    That's his lunch, since he's been up since 3:30. He ate watermelon on the way in and he thinks he's part monkey.

    Blitz coming in and about to use Manson as a co-conspirator. They no longer get food on Thursdays and think Bubba is behind it. BubbaManson says "I'm on a diet."

    Talking now about how Krispy Kreme get old after a while...2-3 days old and into the microwave for 15 seconds and hot and gooey. Ned threw on a "sticky."

    A caller says Bubba double-dipped and he's making his territory. Who would Bubba eat after...talking about how Giant Beetlejuice is nasty like that.

    Texas T... something some bad happened, but he'll be in on Friday.

    Caller asks about what happened to different guys and Bubba gives the rundown.

    New caller from Chicago talks about Chicago pizza, but Tuddle says it's really lasagna. Bubba says that pizza is pizza.

    BubbaArmy Brad talks about the shooting situation in Chicago and the mayor isn't doing anything about it...the cop got convicted and if he didn't, it would have been a Kiss concert.

    Bubba says some guy from Jersey Shore is going to jail for tax evasion and he's going into jail for tax evasion and it's Mike The Situation and the cast of the TV show met him outside.

    Bubba says he wants to be shot assassination style because we made these dweebs stars. He's going to jail because he skimped out on paying a lot of taxes. He got eight months. A guy shouts out and asks how he feels about eight months in jail and Tuddle says he used to do stuff like that. He's on his fifth chance with Bubba and Bubba wants to go back to PowerPig stuff with Tuddle.

    Caller from 641 and it's Brandon the Quad from Iowa. Ned cuts to the chase with the riveting question of the day and asked if he jerked today.

    Bubba wants to do once-a-month Bubba Birthday Party.

    Brandon says Wednesday is the anniversary of the Twitch official launch. Bubba asks if he jerked it that day. Brandon asks if he saw the Florida version of Jersey Shore. Bubba asks if Brandon ever had a girl...Brandon got a fingering at a strip club. Ned says it was a pity deal. Brandon asks about the Erin kicking him in the face deal. Bubba is trying to get her back on the show. Brandon says she'll do it for Nutella and Bubba says no. Talking about Brandon trying to get some girls. Not Akira, but maybe a Ned-type crack whore for $50. A 5'8, 210 deal...pillar to post, throw him around, strap him back to the wheelchair. Bubba says it's probably not legal, but it's the act of doing the right thing for a quadriplegic.

    Manson says it's $50 appearance fee like the old Howard "win a date" deals.

    Ned says "Two Girls One Quad" and Bubba would watch that. Brandon says it's already a thing. He saw an amputee and Bubba says it doesn't count.

    Janessa Brazil used to have this thing Bubba has on his screen and he doesn't know what happened to her...it's a quadriplegic with a huge unit and a girl rides it down to zero.

    Ned says it's so 86 to him and he had stuff like that in 'Nam. Ned says it's an honor to get sloppy seconds and he brought Billy Silly to the party and the girls should try his handler and he got tons of Vietnamese girls that way.

    Talking about guys in the military who get their junk blown off and Ned says it's just a bad deal there. You gotta have it because it makes you a dude. You can lose it all...talking about how well-hung Bruce Jenner was and Ned says he's huge. Ned says he'd take it in a transplant. Ned says it's a crime...put it in the landfill. Brandon says they'd make it into a dildo. Brandon says he's about 5" hard and that's all ya need. If a guy gets laid two times he's put down 10" of dick. Brandon says he's never been hard when his mom puts his catheter in.

    Putting fingernail polish in your balls is a different deal. Ned says he broke both arms and his mom would jerk him off as a public service.

    Trace and Tuddle broke into the liquor bottle.

    Least favorite is Giant Beetlejuice and Manson his favorite... Bubba says "Ned and Manson played by the same person" is his favorite. Bubba's least favorite is Robb.

    Gardulo toenails are nasty, but he can't come in because he's doing a podcast, dirty toenails and all. They're gonna get Brandon a girl.

    Chatroom people saying Naughty Alisha, but she got out of the business, says Bubba. He's unsure about Jenny Jizz.

    A caller says Gardulo is his favorite and it isn't Gardulo's dad. He asks about giving away magic butter machines and that's happening Friday. Caller has to call in at 6:55 AM Friday, but the caller says that's 7:55 AM his time...but changed to 7:55 AM Tampa time.

    Ned's Monday Night Football song about the Saints and the Redskins into AC/DC outro and Manson up next.

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