11/2/2018: Uncensored Show

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    FTE into.... Surprise! The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson into ... Rap Phenomenon by Notorious B.I.G.

    Bubba trying to scan PDFs into emails...sitting there with Manson Ferrall. Bubba is exhausted and Ferrall talking there. Bubba wants Ferrall in there, but Manson wouldn't have a voice. It would be brutal. He has to go to JaneyCake's after the show to meet Jeff's people and he's super busy with a lot and his open house and Manson has to go home and pass out. JaneyCake is an hour and a half one-way.

    Magical Butter Machine up for grabs and 844 in chat want it and Bubba isn't paying attention there, so Manson and Gardulo need to keep an eye. Fridays is busy with the band stuff and Bubba wants to cancel a lot of bands. Bubba is about to go insane and he wants every other Friday to keep the show fresh. Caveman has to do some adjustments there.

    Bubba wants someone on an open mic to go to Twitch and do this "You Win Nothing" game with the Magical Butter Machine... $250 machine for free.

    Blitz sounds like he's on acid or something. They're yelling out Twitch screen names. One of them is "Tampa Girls Hot" and they just know it's a guy.

    Caller talks about gun laws in Tampa and there's a big legislation "whodunit" about gun laws.

    They're spinning the wheel now. One of Bubba's favorite screen names wins. Bronze equals gold and the winner of the Magical Butter Machine..Ned says he'll blow a certain winner, but Ned's Meth Pipe wins.

    Back to Scotty Adderall Ferrall for some NFL picks.

    Picks the Buffalo game and Buffalo is a terrible town...Nathan Pederman is their third stringer and who is that...Buffalo wins.

    A dick battle between Mahomes and the other QB.

    Massive amounts of blow after curfew...Jets go crazy out of their minds...Halftime show is Rex Ryan on Don Shula's toes...Jets win in Miami.

    Matt Stafford sleepwalks through the first half, but LeGarret Blount hooks him up...400 yards in the second half Lions wins.

    Atlanta at Washington... Jerry Smith gay TE in the 70s and nobody cares. Every game in this league has at least six gay guys, but Alex Smith doesn't care about that... Washington wins.

    Bucs in a death spiral, Jameis is horrible...Carolina cruises..

    Pitt at Baltimore...Big Been hates the Ravens so much he gets extra rapey when he goes to Baltimore.

    Houston Denver...big game at Mile High...Ferall got sick the last time he was there, but it was the Molly and now he's legal with pills and scrips and Adderall..

    Chargers at Seattle... Chargers win...

    Rams at New Orleans...Gurley vs Kamara...football Viagra... Drew Brees misses half the game to donate bone marrow and all that ....

    GB...does Aaron Rogers lose two in a row on the road? He takes a dick pic on his pack and sends it to Giselle....Giselle sends one back of Tom Brady... Brady sacked seven times, Packers win...

    Bubba is over it...so is Manson...good picks so far.

    Titans vs Cowboys, go with Mariota...Ferrall has hots for Mariota...Titans win.

    Last installment of Scotty Adderall Ferrall...he's good...Bubba has to go to JaneyCake's.

    He's good, Manson is good, they're done. 31 minutes total, but about 10 of that was music intro.
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