11/30/2018: Ned And Bubba Show

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    Holy criiiiizap! We're back!

    Starting off with the caper and Bubba not sure if we have a full-blown yippie yo deal or a full-blown yippie yo deal. Testing mics and Ned is a little hot.

    We're gonna open some packrages. Ned says if you want anything right, you gotta do it yourself...check one... They're in the dark and Caveman apparently can't figure out the lighting deal in the studio. Trace is also in there, trying to fix something, but he has to unplug the bottom Christmas tree... Bubba is just trying to get some proper lighting in there. Bubba wondering how they look on camera and they look bad. Bubba hates the overhead lights and he only wants two on and they'd look like money. Bubba says to imagine these lights at SNL. Ned says they'd be so much more professional if they had decent lighting.

    Tuddle is in there and Bubba wants his air down to 75 and Tuddle needs to get himself kicked out...but not before he gets some spinny deal from Bubba. He may be on tomorrow's show if he gets it working.

    Bubba has to go to the lab for a blood deal. Ned says they cut costs and he'll get the HIV because they use the old needles. Bubba says he doesn't have "the hiiv" going in, but he'll have it going out.

    First package of a backpack and a helmet. Same dude sent Trace a $700 helmet and this is a decent helmet and HANS device. Bubba says Tyler would wear it.

    Scout and Big Gulp sent some stuff for Colton...they're the best ever.

    Bubba all heated up over some mustard prank deal. Here's a note and Ned doesn't want to read it. Blitz knows what's up with the mustard gimmick. Ned would do a Johnny Unitas deal through the window.

    Ned and Bubba with nothing yet, but everyone else gets packrages.

    "This is the Bubba and Ned send us some packrages deal."

    Manson gets a cool gift and Ned goes into a Manson impression because Ned has an orgasm. Manson gets a large shirt and he's the only one there who is a size large.

    "Short Lives Matter" shirt goes to Trace and he puts it on immediately, per Bubba's order.

    Bubba wants food as a gift and it's something useful...Ned's dingleberries are out of control, but the wipes could go home with Bubba.

    More gifts and Abby Morgan, the sugar mama sends them some TP and/or paper towels... Some Cottonelle and that's their financial deal and they need to ask for toilet paper.

    A pillow with no note...it could be used in the shed.

    They need some hockey pucks and a selfie stick... Donkey teeth sends them a mattress for the boys in the shed.

    Trace to the studio and Bubba needs a Sharpie. Bubba trying to get Trace back in the studio and it never works out that way. Bubba says they don't need Sharpies, but all they have is the wrong type.

    Any Morgan won't make it to the master bitter party...she may get her ring sent to her...if they can get it off Ned's cock. Bubba is confused about what's going on and Ned tells him to listen to the show.

    Bubba needs the Sharpies back at 6:01 to possibly go on the trip this weekend.

    Bubba wants them on the passenger seat where he can see them. Ned would put them up his butt with a string so he knows where they are.

    Bubba says they're done so he can go get his blood test.

    Bubba wants to kick Blitz's ass. He could totally take him.

    Show about 18:30 long then Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" as outro music.
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