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Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by Wolf, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I want the 20 minutes of my life back that I wasted reading that. Let's summarize: he used a shitload of words to say the same thing I did.

    Also, he came to the wrong conclusion. He recommended a strategy for James, based on a bet that Emma didn't make.

    Any way you cut it, the person who is leading always has the advantage, because they can guarantee a win with a correct answer. Given that both of them were likely to be correct, Emma made the right bet, and therefore so did James.
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    Last night I saw "Eaten Alive", an Italian jungle-sploitation cannibal film from 1980. It was part of a flurry of cannibal films that all came out around that time. It was horrible. The cannibalism was a little fun, but they added a bunch of gratuitous animal abuse footage. Animals killing animals and humans cutting them open alive. Not my cup of tea, and if it is your cup of tea, seek help.

    Next I saw "The New York Ripper", an Italian serial killer film from 1982. It was also horrible. This was a 4k uncut restoration. This film has never before been released without cuts. Because it is horrible. It's a stale serial killer story full of explicit scenes of mutilating women. The only humor comes from the fact that the killer talks like Donald Duck. There's an eyeball slice that tries to link it to "Un Chien Andalou". That got a chuckle out of me.

    On the whole, an unpleasant evening at the theater.
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    Did you not know the subject of the movies before watching them?
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    I knew they were exploitation films, and I saw this image:


    I don't like spoilers.

    Also, I have free admission to Graveyard Shift for life.
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    Poor special effects.
    Real severed limbs don't look like that.
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    Last night I saw "Rocketman" with the whole Bag family. We all loved it. I became a huge Elton John fan in 3rd grade. It isn't an accurate history of his life, but it is an emotionally satisfying interpretation of that life, set to great music.

    There is a focus on his sexuality that might seem heavy handed to young viewers, as if he was mostly gay and oh yeah also wrote some songs. His sexuality was a huge deal, though. He was the first person I ever heard of who was gay, and it was one of the worst things you could be back then. His coming out forced me and million's of other people to find some way to keep loving the music we loved after we knew it came from someone the culture universally despised.

    I was disappointed they didn't include some songs that would have been perfect for the film. Hopefully there will be a sequel.
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    Were there any cannibals?
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    Why, yes, I believe there were cannibals. It is my understanding that Elton John and several other men ate each other.

    A tribe of cannibals captured an American and threw him in a huge pot of boiling water. He screamed, "What are you going to do?" They told him, "We're going to cook you and you will be our Chief's dinner." He pleaded, "You can't do that! I'm a big newspaper editor." One of the cannibals said, "Tonight you will be editor in Chief."

    (Cue the face slap.)
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    Last night Memegirl and I saw "Ma". It was much better than the critics said. We both enjoyed Octavia Spencer being psycho. The teens were well written. Just enough humor to make the horror enjoyable.
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    Pink flames! Magical underwater horses! Wooh! Disney just released a new, two-minute preview of Frozen II, which will open on November 22.

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    Are there any cannibals?
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    Tonight the Bag family saw "The Dead Don't Die". It's a new Jim Jarmusch film starring Bill Murray and a bunch of other people. It's a political zombie comedy. I was worried it wouldn't be funny, but it was hilarious. We all laughed hard.

    It also may have turned me from an optimist to a pessimist. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

    This was an advance screening. The Drafthouse gave us all donuts and coffee, and on the way out we got a CD featured in the film.
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    I'm excited for this one. Happy to read your positive review.

    That Beatles movie looks fun too.
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    To see why, watch the film. No spoilers.
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    Oh. I thought you were already a pessimist.
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    I'm a cock-eyed nihilist, but have always been optimistic.

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