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    The Guess Who had a #22 hit with Shakin' All Over in June of 1965. The original version was by a five-man London group, Johnny Kidd & the Pirates. Kidd's real name was Frederick Heath. He co-wrote the song and sang lead on the recording. It went to number one in the UK in 1960 but failed to chart in the US. Sadly, Kidd died in a car crash at age 30. Shakin' All Over was also recorded by the Swinging Blue Jeans, Australian pop singer Normie Rowe and a New York quartet called the Twiliters. Peter Noone played Johnny Kidd's original version on his Something Good program. Here is the song:

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    A huge surprise today on the '60s channel: Harlem Shuffle, a 1966 single by the Fabulous Flippers. The band formed in 1964 in Lawrence, Kansas and was originally known as Terry & The Flippers, after guitarist Terry Wiermann. For several years, they performed throughout the midwest on weekends. They knew if they quit school to go on a national tour, they would have lost their 2-S deferments and might have wound up fighting in Việt Nam.

    The Fabulous Flippers performed a lot of frenetic choreography à la the James Brown Revue and the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. The Flippers released eight singles, one EP and one album. They specialized in remakes of pop songs such as Shout, Summertime, Green Onions, I Don't Want To Cry, Since I Fell For You, More Today Than Yesterday -- and Harlem Shuffle, originally a minor hit for Bob & Earl in early 1964. The Flippers' version got a lot of airplay in the midwest but never charted nationally. Here it is:

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    In the interest of accuracy and completeacy -- that's a word I just made up -- here are three more songs played on the '60s channel. This brings the total to 3,983.

    Good Good Lovin' - Blossoms (101/1966, 115/1967)
    Harlem Shuffle - Fabulous Flippers (--/1966)
    Heaven - Rascals (39/1969)
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    It was nice to hear Don & The Goodtimes' I Could Be So Good To You, which reached #15 on the KHJ Boss 30 and #19 on the KFWB Fabulous Forty here in Los Angeles but stalled at #56 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the first track on their So Good album and should have been a much bigger hit than it was, considering it came out in the boss, bitchin' groovy, hippy-dippy springtime of 1967 and fit right in with Windy, Groovin', Happy Together, Western Union, The Happening and A Little Bit O' Soul. Here is the song:

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    I'm just full of interesting trivia about songs of the 1960s. (I'm probably full of a few other things, too.) The Gary Lewis & The Playboys 1965 recording of This Diamond Ring was produced by Thomas "Snuff" Garrett, who was also the producer for Bobby Vee, who was offered the song first but turned it down.

    Bobby Ambrose, a Miami-born singer who had been a member of the r&b group the Afro-Beats, was actually the first to record the song. His version was on Billboard's Bubbling Under chart for only one week, at #117. Ambrose was a heroin addict and died in 1988 at age 47. Here is his original version of This Diamond Ring:

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