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    The other day I was listening to 60's on 6 and they played a Paul Revere and the Raiders tune that I really liked. I was driving so I was unable to write it down. How can I find that song that was played? I remember years ago there was a website that showed the tunes played on the Sirius channels. Is that still in existence? If so, can someone direct to it?

  2. HecticArt

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    dogstarradio has the search engine.
    That should get it.

    Aaron has been getting the lists off of the station's (I think) facebook page. Could be wrong on that though.
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    Thanks Hectic,

    I checked the site out and it seemed to be down. I'll keep looking.
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    Ask Aaron where he gets the list, in case he missed this thread.
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    Recently played Paul Revere songs:

    Let Me
    Good Thing
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    Can anyone provide feedback on the quality of Lou Simon's weekly satellite survey?

    Is Crusin' with Cousin Brucie only on Sunday's?

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    If you liked the British Invasion you'll like the Cousin Brucie Show on Sunday. Perhaps:

    Cousin Brucie Presents The British Invasion Stars
    Sun Mar 1 1:00 pm ET 60's on 6

    Cousin Brucie and 200 of his closes friends take over the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square for a tribute to the British Invasion with conversations and live performances! Members of The Moody Blues, The Searchers, The Hollies plus Billy J. Kramer and Chad & Jeremy are on board for this special show!!
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    New special on Friday on 60's:

    Wrecking Crew Special
    Fri Jul 24 11:00 pm ET
    Lou Simon discusses The Wrecking Crew documentary with its producer, Denny Tedesco, along with three of the musicians that played in that elite corps during the 60s.
    Rebroadcast: Sun Jul 26 9:00 am ET

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    I've been enjoying listening to Cousin Brucie these last few weeks. I'm not even from the east coast.
    Tonight I made my sweets take me to Sonic while we listened to Cousin Brucie in the car.
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  13. MadisonRadio1

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    Somebody was shooting off fireworks behind the grade school in our neighborhood Saturday night when I was listening to Cousin Bruce's love half hour hour. I had a real close up view. The homemade fireworks are looking just as good as the professional fireworks these days.

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    60's on 6
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  15. Channel98

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    After a few years of focusing on top-20 hits -- I blame Ken Merson, who is no longer programming the channel -- the '60s Channel has recently begun playing an occasional low-charting or non-charting song. I was really surprised today to hear The Fredric's Five O'Clock Traffic. The song was written by Steve Thrall, The Fredric's sitarist. Bob Geis played guitar, David Idema played drums, Ron Bera played organ and piano and Joe McCargar was lead singer. The song, backed with Red Pier, was their only single. The single was released in mono in December 1968 by Forté, a small Michigan label which also released a few singles by Ed Bowers, the Iguanas, the Aardvarks and Pinkerton Colours. In January 1969, the Evolution label released the single in stereo. The Fredric also released a 12-track album, Phases & Faces. It does not include Five O'Clock Traffic. But looky here -- the song is on good ol' YouTube:

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    Cool song

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