9/10/2018: Uncensored Show

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    Dangerous MC’s opening it up. Bubba opening up by saying some of the lyrics. Manson and Bubba talking about it being a great song and always opening up by the Notorious Biggy.

    Bubba wants Gardulo to update the Twitch...ended the show at 1100 viewers and where are all the fans? Just over 300 now. Ned says "we ain't got dick."

    Ned's uncensored version of the newest MNF Hank Williams parody deal..."it's how men speak." Some guy saying the opening song wasn't Biggy...they're saying it sounded like Busta Rhymes. Bubba calls the guy a jobber. Bubba with heat and we're back to the Ned Hank Williams deal.

    Ned picks "the Lions and if the Jets win, he'll give Garnett a greasy dragon..."

    Trying to get Ned all set up with the effects on the microphone and he's trying to get set up so they can go... Ned talking on all sorts of reverb and sound effects and talking about Rooster by Alice in Chains and it being about Vietnam and how Howard was at the film festival and pointed to Ned and we only have 500 jobbers on Twich.

    Reminiscing about the 98 Rock days... They don't want to do the new thing if they don't get over 600 fans...just the tip for now, but they'll stick the whole thing in at 600 clips.

    Some extreme explicit sexual song set to Rooster.

    553...558 jobbers is a slap in Ned's face. They have limited time to get to 600.

    Some caller talking about a guy who is dead to Bubba calling into Drew Garabo and Bubba wants him to call in to the BTLS show and this guy...this desperate mark.... You don't see any other superfans trying this....

    When we hit 600, the music rolls...it's so close...606 and here we go...

    Ned's prison rape song...extremely graphic...it's basically the "Fireflies" parody, but a prison rape deal.
    "Yeah, they come to stuff my pooper....oh gawwwwwd."

    Ned says there's no one else doing Rooster parodies about getting raped anally in prison.

    Bubba's buddy (Dom Theodore) from back in the day is a big time radio consultant. On his Facebook, he's talking about posting up good air checks... A few people did some... This part-timer wannabe from PowerPig stole all their stuff and went up to Michigan and got a gig. He's playing the P. Caper music and has a voice of a heavy smoker or a Gilbert Gottfried deal and he's doing some cheesy AM drive deal... Bubba calls Holmes and the Madtown Freakshow the biggest hack ever to live.

    Tuddle looks like The Rock compared to this nerd.

    Bubba is trashing this dude and his submission. Manson said it would be good 80s deal. Ned says it's terrible.

    Here's some new Seth and Jessie aircheck deal and it's some sort of religious deal.

    Someone else quitting on-air and "Anetta the mood-setta" and Manson says it's fake.

    Now they play Bubba's post marking out to Howard. Nobody commented on it... They go into a Manson parody. Who else has Howard on-air for 30 mins into a Manson parody about Jesus? None.

    Bubba feels like it's a Zoo Crew with Scott Shannon.

    Talking about the Les Moonves deal and how a lot of it happened in 86...Bubba doesn't want to thwart the whole #MeToo deal and how they need to report it faster and how it's all he-said she-said. Bubba wonders where that money is going because he could use some of it.

    Bubba needs milk for his kidney stone. Wondering if they could jerk it out or suck it out...Ned wants to bite it out. Talking about the shaft vs the balls and how they can get it out. Ned wants to pea-shoot it out of his mouth and into the pan like a gold miner.

    Asking Alexa and it ignored him. Asking and she doesn't know. Asking her what jerk off means it it bleeps it out. She's all prude. Asking her about reproduction and Ned getting turned on. Ned wants to know about doggy-style. Alexa doesn't know, but Bubba says she does.

    "Call me names and I'll lock it up." They say that's just like a real woman.

    Asking if you can milk a prostrate...Ned can tell him that.

    Alexa asking about celebrity birthdays...a bunch of nobodies...

    Asking about what 9/11 is about...real Debbie Downer stuff. She said "hijacked..."

    Asking her more stuff. She doesn't know donkey bars, but she knows donkey show as some Shakespeare thing... She doesn't know about girls over 18 and donkeys...Ned asks if the donkeys are 18... asking donkey years in human years...

    Alexa knows some math problems.

    Ned getting all steamed up when Alexa tells about a blue whale penis.

    Asking about LeBron James and she comes back with height and weight stuff and then they interject with stuff about LeBron having a big penis... Ned all steamed up.

    Asking her who Larry Bird is.

    She knows the latest NPR deal about hurricane news...

    Asking her to play the latest BTLS show and it comes up with some snooth jazz deal because iHeart has a partnership with Alexa.

    Gardulo says Matt Masur has been working on getting Alexa to play BTLS...

    Asking Rob to set it up to play Bubba and he was going to get a sponsor, but it's only like a couple hundred...but they need some equipment and Bubba has a kidney stone...

    The last time Bubba had a kidney stone, the cleaning lady tossed it and Bubba Light was gonna be mad.

    Ned: "Bring 'em balls over here."

    Bubba says he's probably a week away and his dick is burning...Ned got turned on. Talking about passing a kidney stone.

    Bubba says if he had a bigger dick, he'd tape it.

    Ned can approximate Manson's dick since Manson left. Bubba says it's way bigger than what Ned says.

    Ned says he's big all the time...he doesn't get that much bigger, just harder.

    Bubba says he's 6.5 hard. Ned says it's like an utility infielder in the majors...nobody knows who he is, but he gets some action. Maybe 2or 2.5 soft.

    Ned's sex tips about cock rings... If the cock ring won't go off, call the fire department. Ned does that all the time because he's handcuffed to the bed.

    Talking about Hogan and he's working on his book about a year ago and it's about to get real...and this book made Hogan $0.00.

    Bubba says he'll play the Hogan role for that kind of money... $130m.

    It's official...Tuddle next **BUBBA and roll Biggie "Dead Wrong" a little less than an hour after start.
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