9/11/2018: Uncensored Show

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    The first 23 or so minutes were Jake the Snake wrestler talking about an upcoming appearance. Big yawn. Bubba then said who else could do what he did...he's the man.

    About 167 on Twitch and it's just hanging out and maybe he should just hang out...what is Gardulo doing here...he gets on Tuddle's mic and been about two years coming up since Gardulo started. He's never met a guy in radio more hated than Bubba. Gardulo is a huge Howard fan...Bubba worked for Howard and they're on good terms and why did Gardulo hate on that..

    He was going to work for Calta and that predicted to be a bad move because that's Bubba's town.

    What happened to Kidd Chris...Tim liked Kidd and Kidd was doing good in afternoons in Philly then Howard's replacements failed and Kidd took over. He was supposed to be the second coming of Howard which no one is ever gonna be that.

    Two 40-second delays so nothing could get through...until a racist song parody was sung live on the air and five months later, CBS fired him as an excuse.

    Kidd speaks highly of Bubba. Gardulo on Howard's 60th birthday bash...it's amazing Howard pulled that off live on a Friday night.

    Blitz likes O&A...why is Blitz so stiff with Bubba?

    Outside the 5am to when they leave, Bubba probably doesn't mess with Gardulo more than anyone else... Bubba wishes he wasn't so tough with Brent.

    Bubba says Howard doesn't retire in 2020. Gardulo says a rumor that Stuttering John was approached by SiriusXM with a seven-figure offer to replace Howard. Bubba says no way that happened and no way they'll go back to SiriusXM as long as Scott Greenstein is there.

    Bubba says Ellis is a B-list skateboarder radio hack and what he accomplished in radio is a slap in the face to the real radio talent. He can cuss with an Australian accent and that's a slap in the face.

    Bubba says he's guilty of working the gimmick so well and get heat and know how to work and people think he really is that way. Gardulo says it's hard for people to think of Bubba in another way.

    Bubba doesn't know what happens. Gardulo says Andy Cohen was being groomed to be the next big thing. Gardulo says nobody listens to Andy Cohen and nobody else is on Howard's channel.

    Bubba says satellite isn't the sexy thing and Twitch could be the next big thing. ABC needs 20 million and Netflix may only need 300k. Howard has a smaller audience, but he's making more money.

    Regular radio is afraid and all they do is replace talent with the same talent. Rover has a tour bus and Bubba did that back in 97 with his 12 Boobs of Christmas.

    Bubba says that everyone is afraid to be controversial. The haters can now organize via social media and it can start with 3-4 listeners and they can tag the sponsors...back then, it was nothing but a few letters and the talent wasn't scared.

    Unlike everyone else, Bubba has his own facility and that's a big benefit.

    Caller from 662...David from Mississippi...had a club to hit him on the shoulder. He say a YouTube of Bubba going crazy at the track. Bubba has been crazy on YouTube lately. David says Bubba should do more of that. He took a 300+ guy to lose 70 pounds doing simple exercises.

    Bubba is sold on the club, but he's just too busy now with moving his house...doing the open house this weekend...he's been there for 20 years and thrown out this weekend.

    Bubba maybe thinks Brent and maybe Howard did them do a little dirty...he could use an opportunity now. Gardulo says if Howard gave them a chance, he'd have to give Booker an opportunity.

    Bubba says that they don't even have to be on a Howard channel... Gardulo says that Howard replays are great, but after a while..
    Bubba says that everyone cuts their own deal in life and they shot themselves. He won't give up...he's coming in every day and gonna give it his best.

    Bubba saying he may live in a studio apartment in Tampa or in Pinellas Park. People don't realize that Bubba is going through a lot...he hopes Hogan's upcoming lawsuit exposes a lot of the other side of what happened. Bubba says he's blacklisted in radio because of this mess he got involved in. Bubba says that others are involved and they should suffer and not be rewarded. Bubba says that Calta is #1 in Tampa and it should be his show.

    Calta hasn't been successful outside Bubba, but he got the keys to the kingdom. Bubba will never let it go. Bubba is taking part of the responsibility for his demise, but he won't let it go. He's ready for this Tampa Times article is about two Sundays to expose the truth in the chain of custody for the tape exposed by Gawker...Bubba doesn't know if this is surviveable.

    Calta has a contract coming up...his negotiating power may be none. Best of luck.

    98 Rock on Charleston doing good...Buds and Suds next, Tuddle is drunk on Four Loko. Bubba wants a breathalyzer.

    Tuddle on mic. He's feeling good. He's gonna go for the breathalyzer... 0.10 there. He made a commencement speech and he may have to stay there... he'll wait until he's 0.06 there.

    Trace is a 1.8 and he's hammered. Bubba says his exact words were "I can see..I'm not dr" They're all over the place with drinking and the breathalyzer.

    Bubba says no more drinking and they have to blow a 0.05 and Trace has two hours to sober up... No more drinking.

    A new caller asking about why the video got trandtransf to DVD and Bubba can't answer that as it's part of the lawsuit. It will be answered in time.

    813 area code here... And it's Lummox! And he's listening to the show and wants to help out. Bubba says he's all corporate and Lummox says he owns his own company and wants to come in and maybe it'll happen. He just wants to come back. Talking about the meltdown and it's legendary and Carl Harris whipped him with a bear whip and Bubba wants to replay that bit.

    Lummox listens every day and wants to help out...he doesn't mind if he does his own show..Maybe a BubbaSaw but probably not.

    Bubba will take Lummox's number.

    Scout on the phone and and Tuddle would suck their dick if they had one and Scout said she'd strap one on, but he's already been there. Scout brings up Scott Greenstein again. All he wants to do is bring celebrities in there and not radio talent. He fired the entire OutQ staff. Scout says what kills Bubba's show is there's so many outlets, it fragments the audience. Maybe just Twitch and BubbaArmyRadio...it would hurt at first, but the fans would find it.

    These guys Derek and Romaine have meetups and cruises... They're firing anyone with any radio skills...they do things like give away tickets to Bruce Springsteen, but it's like five tickets to the public and a bunch to celebrities. Scout says it's so that Scott can rub shoulders. She'd dump Sirius if not for sports. Sirius can only live off Howard's replays for so long. She's all fired up.

    They gotta go to DC in December, so they can get their rings. They'll get the BRN royalty rings.

    They did a Bubba Army Jesus shirt at the Vatican... Bubba never say that.

    Fart Bucket Willy just gave them 1000 bits.

    Oprah $55 million for her Sirius channel.

    They think they'll pull the nose up. Bubba thinking about ending this show and getting food.

    A caller says that he can get the Alexa deal by saying "Play Bubba One on TuneIn" and Bubba says that's too much and he should just be able to say "Play the Bubba the Love Sponge Show." You can hook it up to Twitch. Alexa started playing some jazz.

    JJ Charger 2000 bits and here's a guy with 5000 or 1000.

    319 area code talking about how long his buddy took to sober up. Would Tuddle pass a field sobriety test?

    443 area code asks if there are Four Lokos there...they're done. He's on his second, but Trace and Tuddle did their half-bottle of vodka before.

    More fans and more bits on master bitter deal.

    Bubba says he's pretty much done there...he gives a serious plug that he did yesterday... But they really need a real one and he could have just edited it.

    The next show will be done from the main studio...can Tuddle drink more? Nope. They'll do it from the back.

    He wants to do a Notorious BIG song...some of their listeners are really racist.

    Trying to get Tuddle to drink another. He won't. A warning shot for being a dick. Close range and batteries are charged.

    1200 bits right there.

    They gotta go pick a boat engine but how? Trace is gonna blow it up in a month anyway so who cares.

    Bubba will play Notorious (Hope You N Sleep) and Tuddle is bleeding.... 2000 bits cheered.

    About an hour 15 or so.
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    Here's the interview portion:


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