9/17/2018: Uncensored Show

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    FTE, Ned's new MNF song, a Biggy Smalls song...

    Started by talking about how awesome Biggy is and if you hate it, too bad. When they play rap on Buds and Suds, the haters come out of the woodwork.

    The video of the guy from weather channel and how it's all fake news with the two guys walking by in the background like Trace and Colton going to the 7 11....disaster porn at it's finest. They all fake it... The reporters go stand in a ditch and in reality, it's like an inch of water. Tricks used via cameras.

    Alan from Cincinnati says they have wind machines blowing on the water to make it look bad when the tree aren't even blowing.

    Bubba's computer is really bad...not anything could fix it...he could go to the old studio with the computers there not doing anything.

    Playing a clip of a reporter in the ditch. Bubba and Manson should be the real weather reporters and tell it like it is.

    Bubba watching the new Hyundai Santa Fe commercial to keep the back doors locked. Bubba thinking this isn't how he grew up. Bubba says Doug Clem would have yelled at him. Ned would have let the bees sting him all over. Bubba would have had his ass beat for wasting syrup or messing with antiques at the antique store.

    2005, Brooke Hogan was the anthem singer at the NASCAR race and Hogan did the "Start your engines" deal. Bubba opens the door and a golf cart took the limo door straight off...limo company took the door off and NASCAR paid for it.

    Talking about this week's NASCAR race and how the winner was supposed to get something special. Ned wonders if it's a handjob. Talking about what NASCAR has done and how they need to save it and what they need to do... Toyota, Ford and Chevy.

    Calling Cowhead and wondering if they need to get permission. It's a two-party state and if they need to get permission and it's always recording.

    They could do some Wendy's right now..

    Caller says NASCAR people are all kind of dicks with their private helicopters and jets and they only sign stuff for the cameras. Bubba says they need to go back to their roots...the "good old days" saw Richard Petty by 15 laps...

    Calta phone goes right to VM which means Bubba got screwed. Bubba leaves a message and he's upset because Cowhead said he would never ever not go on the air...

    He says he never lies and Manson says he lies in five seconds. They don't want to let Calta off too easy... He said he'd never run and hide and what is he doing right now.

    Replay the message and Bubba says he'll listen to every second of that. Comparing that to MJ.

    Bubba's kidney stone still bothering him over and Ned wants the pain pills.

    Some African girls died of FGM and "we think we have problems with the hurricane."

    Bubba says hi to Calta because we know he's watching... Almost 1000 viewers.

    More FGM news clips. Somalia's first FGM-related prosecution.

    Bubba about to talk about something he's not sure he can talk about so he wants everyone to stop him if he can't talk about...Muslims go crazy if you draw a photo of Mohammed and Bubba didn't realize that. Talking about the newspaper shooting over the photo of Allah.

    Bubba stops for his sorry fart.

    Bubba doesn't want to draw a photo of Mohammed and you don't even joke about that. Mohammed says don't worry about me and we have Bubba the Mohammed mark.

    "Don't even worry about what Mohammed looks like."

    Calta probably makes about 500 and he claims he's making over a million. Bubba can't talk about what he spent.

    Joe the SuperMark asks if anyone ever get laid based on their shirt and he says he did and Ned says he blasted on the chevrons and Ned did Joe the SuperMark's mom. Asking what Joe did to his mom and there could be a thing between Ned and Joe's mom. Garnett sits at home with no idea until Ned gets home and turns the generator on.

    The most famous Fu Manchu in the world is Hulk Hogan. Bubba wants a Hogan Fu with chevrons and a bandana. They gave Hootie the name because of the show.

    Hogan friends with other radio guys and he's Russ's best friend and Bubba messed it up. Bubba misses Hogan his best man, godfather to Tyler, banged his ex wife... Bubba had a dream and doesn't want to talk about it.

    Talking to Joe about Hootie and it seems everything is good with WWE.

    Bubba is all depressed and has to do stuff after the show.

    Joe talks about how he was at a casino and these girls see the Bubba Army shirt and they think he's special forces with the chevron shirt and maybe it was the cizzokizzane...it was.

    Caller talks about some "stink ass" and gets hung up on.

    Playing a Hootie and Bubba song all bleeped out...What I Got parody.

    Now playing the "Hulk Where'd You Go" song from when he was in Miami and how forward-looking that was.

    Caller asking about some Clem's deal on Friday. Blind Chase asking for a tour, but he was doing a comedy at a bait shop... He doesn't make much sense with his blindness and wanting a tour, but it sounds like he may be in. Popcorn game, but we won't talk about what they'll do with him.

    Is there blind people doing porn? Audio porn is terrible. Bubba wants links.

    Chase talking about his bait shop..he went there with his service dog. They drove about an hour south to do a gig in front of two people and that's kind of Gardulo's deal... The jokes were lame... Playing audio porn and balls slapping. He'd rather get a lapdance.

    They did it outside of the bait shop in the parking lot in Bradenton Beach. They didn't plug it because Gardulo totally forgot until.the alert on his phone.

    Big chatter this weekend about Gardulo posting on FB...is his girl pregnant?

    Chase to get a tour.

    Why isn't this pregnancy deal on the FM show? Ned says "when in doubt, scrape it out."

    Talking about Gardulo wearing a shirt... He uterus is scraping against her bladder... Month 3 and it's the size of a jalapeno. They showed the ultrasound. They told the other kid and they surrounded the kid with his mom's family with his family on FaceTime.

    They'll do a gender reveal party.

    He opens this box and it's an ultrasound and the kid doesn't know what to do because he wants all the presents.

    Trace needs a boy. Bubba says he needs a vasectomy.

    He's 32 and she's 29. Bubba says he got his deal snipped after Tyler. Bubba doesn't remember what he talked about and doesn't want to bring it up .. they say he wanted a kid with Heather. Bubba went to get a vasectomy and that's what happened.

    Brandon the Quad called in...wants to quit his job because he's doing a dollar per day and where are people who are sticking up for people like Brandon? They're worried about FGM in Africa. Talking about what happened with the boss coming in and they won't need Brandon's group because the company won't hire the contractor. They should form a union with Bubba as president...Jimmy Hoffa deal.

    Tuddle doing vodka and Monster.

    One DJ gig is making more than what Brandon makes assembling furnace parts...Brandon needs a DJ gig. He doesn't do wiki wikis or spin stuff...just play CDs. He didn't even make $25 per two weeks.

    He says he should do the McDonald's drive through or a greeter at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart won't hire him because he doesn't write numbers fast enough.

    They're practicing him working the drive through at McDonald's. (It's better than B Fudd.) Ned pushing on Bubba's bumper from the back and beeping his horn...

    And the MP3 just seems to cut off 1 hr 16 mins later.
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    God damn fake news weather people....
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    From what I hear, the Weather Channel people were saying Mike was tired. I've also heard that a lot of those pictures being shared were from past hurricanes.
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    Here's the "We miss Hootie" shirt.

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