9/18/2018: Uncensored Show

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    Total meltdown mode.

    FTE into Rap Phenomenon.

    Extra credit uncensored... 813 90 BUBBA or **BUBBA. Asking Gardulo about the over/under on forgetting Johnny Socko. He wants a Post-It note to remind Gardulo to put it on his button bar... Gardulo likes the p caper deal, but that's a default backup option and Bubba says "Don't Tuddle me." Bubba on last nerves and he's lucky Bubba doesn't pummel him. Gardulo is "too hard" and Manson has never heard that term.

    749 on Twich. Bubba wants more on Facebook. They went from 18k to 3300 views when Bubba doesn't pummel people. What Blitz and Gardulo think doesn't seem to work. Bubba says that when he pummels people, that doesn't seem to work. Bubba having heat and everyone else needs to lighten up. They went from YouTube and 18k views when he was pummeling people down to 3300. Subs matter... More subscribers mean more views say Gardulo... and he gets zapped.

    Stop reminding Bubba how bad things are and he's tired of it and he can only put up with so much negative energy. He's mad, start the next show and he'll start cleaning the bathrooms. Getting sarcastic with Blitz and Tuddle and they should do it. Everyone comes to him with the doom and gloom and he has limited resources.

    Ned says we all need to be positive and it's 10:19. Bubba's kidney stone, but Trace pooped his pants and it could be worse. Bubba just wants to go home.

    Manson says Gardulo's hair is back to bad. Here's a look at the views and he and Blitz were wrong and views were down.

    Bubba is out and it's extra credit anyway. He's in pain and the kidney stone is bad and he's trying to forge through it. No positive energy. Ned will bite the kidney stone out. Manson will squeeze and Tuddle will jack.

    Bubba needs to bring the carpet cleaner and shop-vac. The next guys will do a lot of extra radio.

    About 19 minutes later, we're into the AC/DC. It was only maybe 11 minutes total, given the intro music. Bubba really wasn't feeling good and his guys weren't helping things.
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