9/21/2018: Uncensored Show

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    A full play of FTE into Warning by Notorious B.I.G.

    Talking about how awesome Biggy was...he was the man. Commenting on the song ending with gun shots and how that can't happen in today's world. Bubba hopes we're clear and that's why we do Johnny Socko.

    An interview from previous... something had to be dumped. Colton talking about what the show uses...a bar, unsigned band review... He did his homework. This guy (Gene Lasker) isn't an employee, he's only a guest on Fridays. Bubba says Gene is an acquired taste and to an outsider, who knows... Gene said something which had to be dumped...he tries to cover himself and made himself look dumber. Bubba and the show can't condone his comment.

    The comment will never be heard again. He'll be at MegaCon in Tampa this weekend and just be cool with him so he knows the interview went good.

    Need to do a positioning statement for the regular show about this stuff.

    Is Blitz working on validating this whole deal? He seems to be getting excited and Blitz never gets excited.

    How cool would it be if there really was a Lasker mark in Dubai? Bubba says become a Manson fan... The last person who needs marks is Lasker...he doesn't need the power.

    Bubba/Manson to go open packages...nobody from FM is sending packages...it's all Twitch people...841 people on. Bubba can't remember the last meet and greet...neither can Manson. Bubba guessed about three years ago with Elder Ford. Bubba, Manson, Donna, Rob, Trace and Tuddle are going...maybe Blitz, Colton and Caveman.

    Saturday December 1st...honky tonk saloon...maybe a private deal for Twitch somewhere. It may only be 20-30, but it would be hardcores. "If ya know, ya know."

    Manson on his way out. Ned positioning statement about opening packrages...

    Talking about what music to play...maybe p caper...a little spit, a little lube right on the tip and there's the caper music...

    Has Manson ever done Donna with coconut oil? Bubba will bring some in on Monday.

    Bubba's gimmick to be the guy who rips his shirt off...Hootie will sue him for it.

    Visually on Twitch
    Audiobly on Twitch and BubbaArmyRadio.

    Talking about the private VIP meet and greet...maybe in Bubba's hotel room..if they get tossed out for having 30 people there, it would go to the next room...or maybe the hotel bar. You need a special shirt to get in.

    Ned Navy with a new shirt soon. Talking about what shirt you'd need to get into the party.

    If the Steelers lose... watch out. Le'veon Bell not showing up and getting fined. Ben Roethlisberger having one or two years left. Jameis Winston and a first-rounder for Bell...Tampa would win that deal.

    Bubba played against (and tackled) a NFL Hall of Famer from Pittsburgh.

    Ben Roethlisberger may have done gay stuff back in the day and Bubba would probably do Hootie in the heat of the moment. Talking about society rules about sex... If Bubba and Manson were on an island...but if Bubba, Manson and Donna were on an island, Manson would probably have to club Bubba over the head to protect Donna...

    Manson and Donna probably have conversations about sex on an island and partners all the time.

    Donna and Manson do crazy stuff with their thick soundproof drywall.

    Bubba needs to find a girl to roleplay with and have storytime.

    Talking about how they have sex...Manson says he's a bit more animated than Bubba's description.

    They found some random game and random channel and Manson would have to have a quickie. Talking about what Manson does and what Bubba does and busts out a Hootie "brother" voice.

    Bubba says he does it gorilla-style. Manson says he does it koala-style.

    Donna doesn't have a hair on her ass if she doesn't call in right now and tell Manson to do her gorilla-style. Bubba demonstrating gorilla-style.

    "I hope Donna is getting all this so she'll refresh me."
    "It puts extra pressure on your dick so you'll bust a nut."

    Bubba wants to do the trust game. Manson says it's Friday and he doesn't want to spend the weekend in the ER due to a gaffe.

    Bubba wants someone in there now and they're looking at the door.

    Manson says they're there to open packages but Bubba hijacked it with the bizzare discussion of gorilla-style sex.

    Manson says it's usually this time when he's laying down for a nap.

    What happens if Manson walks in and Donna wants gorilla-style? It's on.

    Where's Rob? Is he gone? No he's here...

    They got some food and it's real good... Bubba wants to do the knife to the throat trust game with Rob. Manson pretending to be a newscaster talking about a knife to the throat.

    An "embrace your inner gnome" shirt is a hit.

    Abby Morgan, sugar momma, cul-de-sac, gorilla style with a bit of Scott Ferrall impression and everybody does a Ferrall impression PbP of Bubba and Abby. She sends some RC cable adapter thing.

    Someone should watch phones...Bubba says they'll get a lot of bitcoins and bitcoins have really gone down.

    LED lights being opened...it was on the wishlist.

    Five pairs of awesome Sony headphones..marked at each station..if you move them, you will be shocked on stage.

    Someone pushing ballpoint pens, destroying them and it's Trace. He can take all the old pens.

    Bubba wants Abby to call him about some sex deal and Manson says maybe she's rubbing it over the talk of Bubba doing her gorilla-style.

    Someone sent paper and it was a really good gift.

    They got a good haul and Bubba wants to start the weekend with a trust game or a makeout. Manson wants to do it to Bubba and he'll slit Bubba's throat on video and he'll go to prison. Manson did it hard.

    Why didn't Abby call? Is she practicing with her husband?

    Bubba needs to go to Ocala and he'll go past Manson's house...are we done? We're done...see ya...

    54 minutes later we get Ready to Die as outro.
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