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Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by JHDK, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    We've been told to use moist food for 1 meal/day with a male kitten.
  2. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    We put out "Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food". We also feed two different wet foods morning and night, then there are late night snacks of some sort. Our vet says this is all good. Our male cat has a healthy urinary tract.
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  3. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    first community service date tomorrow. it's at some charity consignment place that i picked because it's only 4 miles from my place. we'll see how it goes! it's kinda weird, i'm required to do 10 hours per month but i need to do a total of 150 hours in a year. so in reality i need to do 12.5 hours per month. hopefully i'll bang out at least 6 tomorrow.
  4. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    Is posting on DRC considered community service?
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  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Only if you are talking about wet or dry cat food.
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  6. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    speaking of which, this urinary health food that costs more per pound than deli meat or expensive cheese is totally ignored by my cat. i put out both the wet and dry variations and she has not touched it all day. now i know when she gets hungry enough she will eat it but it has helped me make the decision that i will be going with the MUCH cheaper purina urinary health food instead. i went through all the ingredients today and they are not exactly the same but are still rather similar.
  7. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    community service cancelled due to rain. the woman called me when i was halfway there. she was very nice about it and said she would give me a couple hours for the trouble, so that's nice. we will try again tomorrow.
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  8. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    Make sure you wear that reflective vest. And don't go chasing any trash into the highway
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  9. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    first community service in the books! i got there a half hour early at 10:30 and stayed until 1:45 and she marked it as 5 hours. plus, like she said she would a few days ago, she gave me 4 hours for the day that she cancelled when i was already halfway there. so i got 9 of my 10 monthly requirement done in one morning/afternoon. i will be going back tomorrow. it's mostly just moving stuff and sweeping up. turns out shes a nice woman and i'm happy to continue to work for her.
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  10. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Perhaps you could show her the old "Publix Tumble" and log some extra "Community Service." ;)

    If ya get my drift.......
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  11. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    i was out for a nice bike ride yesterday when i came across an amazing sight. freaking anti-circumcision protesters! haha, right here in boca. they were at a somewhat big (not huge) intersection all wearing white with fake blood stains on their dicks. the women also had fake blood on their boobs...not sure how that was relevant. and some of them had crying baby masks. hahaha! there were a bunch of them too. on 3 corners of the intersection, probably around 50 people.

    in principal i agree with their stance. however, whenever i see protesters my first thought is always to support whatever issue they are against. over in the stern forum we got into it a few weeks back:

    Week Of 1/9 | Page 2 | Digital Radio Central

    as you can see from that thread i'm more in line with the protesters point of view but i wasn't about to let that stop me. my overwhelming spitefulness took over. i didn't remember all the points from the thread off hand but i did recall scotch citing some study about fewer UTI's. so when i got to the light at the intersection i brought that up with one of them. we went back and forth for a minute or two, he was clearly getting grumpy with me, and by the time the light changed i left them by saying that when their kids were a few years older they will all be mortified that their parents dragged them to such a ridiculous event.

    and that last part i do actually believe. there was a surprisingly good number of women and little children mixed in with the rest of the wackos.

    and that's my sunday adventure in koopland!
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  12. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    Im glad to have helped contribute to your protest harassment.

    What really irks me is that we've been taken-over by the 3rd Reich, the state of Florida will soon be under water, but these shitheads are focused on this stupid, meaningless personal issue. Sad.
  13. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    Koop hasn't posted since this morning. I say he's back in jail.
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