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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by Wolf, May 16, 2018.

  1. Wolf

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    Next year there will be another football league call Alliance for American Football. It will take place right after the Super Bowl and last for 10 weeks. Similar how the XFL will run things in 2020.

    The Alliance of American Football

    Alliance of American Football - Wikipedia

    Only reason why I heard of this league because Phoenix will have a team and will be played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. The original home of the Arizona Cardinals before they moved to there permanent stadium.

    Phoenix gets Alliance of American Football team, will name coach Friday

    So far the league has 5 teams out of 8 teams.

    St. Lake City
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  2. Wolf

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    That what Phoenix needs another sports team. :rolleyes: The city already overcrowded with tons of sports. But again you can't complain, most cities don't have this much activity.

    MLB - Arizona Diamondbacks
    NBA - Phoenix Suns
    NCAA - Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University
    NFL - Arizona Coyotes
    NHL - Arizona Coyotes
    USL - Phoenix Rising FC (possibly an future MLS team)

    AAL - Alliance Phoenix (temp name)
    Arena Football - Arizona Rattlers
    WNBA - Phoenix Mercury

    There are 15 MLB spring training teams for a month. Quite a few MLB Minor League teams and the valley does get these events PGA, IndyCar, and NASCAR twice a year and whatever else.
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    The first games are being played right now. Orlando is at Atlanta. It's 3-0 at halftime. Atlanta is winning
  4. semipenguin

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    San Antonio is at San Diego. It's quite the barn burner. 0-0
  5. semipenguin

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    Ok. Scoring has begun.

    SA 3
    SD 0

    ORL 8
    ATL 3
  6. semipenguin

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  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Almost as exciting as the superbowl. I bet the punts are shorter.
  8. Channel98

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    So we now have the five-team Alliance of American Football. Remember the United Football League? "United" was somewhat of a misnomer -- and you'll have to be sure to say hello to her husband, Mister Nomer. (Sorry.) The UFL launched in 2009 with four teams and only six regular-season games were played. In 2010, there were five teams and eight games. In 2011, the league was back to four teams and only four games were played. There were championship games in each of those years but nobody cared. There were supposed to be eight games in 2012 but after four games had been played, the league folded.

    Who wants to predict how many seasons the AAF will last?
  9. Wolf

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    I saw the Arizona game will be air on the NFL network, this Sunday at 6 pm MST.
  10. Wolf

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    I was originally thinking like 2 or 3 seasons. But I think AAF might have something on their hands. They could potentially fix some of the holes, which the NFL seems to ignore.

    6 out of the 8 teams are not in NFL markets and plus the NFL doesn't have a minor league system. So who knows, I think this league could possibly survive somehow. Down the road, the NFL could work with the league and finally create their minor league teams?

    I wouldn't start right after the Super Bowl ends, I would have a break and possibly start in March? Also I say the AAF could last longer than the XFL, which is a joke to reboot that league again.
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  11. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Right now the NFL is using NCAA as minor league. If they set up minor league system it would compete with that. Football players go to college. Baseball players go to the minor leagues. You won’t have both as the rookie player would be too old.

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  12. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I know MLB and NHL uses the same system.

    NFL and the NBA get players right out of college. But the NBA does a developmental league, which possibly the NFL needs to create one day.

    That what I'm saying work with the AAL and that could potentially be the future minor league system. Plus it could work out for players who are injured trying to make it back to the main roster.

    In soccer team's they have an academy and lower tier leagues. But when somebody gets drafted, signed they usually go to the main roster. If they don't do so well, then they go to the lower tiers and the same for injured players.

    My local professional team Phoenix Rising isn't MLS yet but they own a lower tier team call Tuscon FC. Whoever doesn't make it on the main roster then goes down to Tuscon and vice-versa. The team does have a youth league and those kids can work with their system. Right now Rising signed a 15 and 16-year-old to the squad.
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    I didn't know that the Alliance Football started yesterday. I have been watching the Memphis vs Birmingham game off and on and the league is pretty exciting. I enjoy the major rule difference between the NFL. It makes the game faster pace action than the NFL. Looks like the NFL will need to start taking some notes if the league wants to approve again.

    Everything you need to know about the Alliance of American Football

    There are several significant ones:
    • The most notable one is no kickoffs, which is something Polian insisted on if he was going to be involved. They did this because data they collected said the kickoff was largely a non-dynamic play where the largest number of injuries occurred. Also, fans and players dislike the kickoff on the whole, and it affects overall game time. Instead, the ball starts on the 25-yard line after each score or at the start of the game.

    • Instead of an onside kick, if a team is trailing by 17 points or there's five minutes or less left in the fourth quarter, a team can attempt an onside conversion. They get the ball on their own 28-yard line and have to convert a fourth-and-12. If they do, they keep the ball and keep going. Don't convert, and the opponent takes over from the point at which they stop them.

    • There are no extra point kicks, so a team is going for two after every touchdown.

    • Overtime rules have the ball starting on the 10-yard line with four downs and a two-point extra point if a team scores (field goals are not allowed).

    • There's also a significant change in pass-rushing rules for defenses. Teams can rush only five players and can't blitz players from the secondary. If you have five men on the line of scrimmage on defense, those are the only players who can rush. "With less than a month to get our teams ready to play, the hardest part to get cohesiveness in is the offensive line," Polian said. "So if we came with all the exotic blitzes that we see, which is basically coming out of the secondary, they couldn't pick it up and we're going to get quarterbacks hurt, and it's not much of a game, honestly. Nobody wants to see the quarterback sacked repeatedly."

    • With replays, officials won't have to go under the hood or watch a tablet. Instead, the official will have an earpiece to communicate directly on the field with the replay official in real time. All of this is designed to help shorten game times. The hope is for games to be two and a half hours or less.
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  14. JHDK

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    I was going to ask why the NFL would air games of a different, new league but your post makes a ton of sense IdRather. I wonder how the XFL is going to fit into all this when it starts back up in 2020.
  15. JHDK

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    I like their onside kick rule that is just an offensive play equivalent to a 4th and 12.

    I don't like the lack of kickoffs.
  16. Wolf

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    The NFL is working with the AAF, trying to promote the league. Getting its name out there. I saw some articles while back, that the AAF could possibly be a platform for the NFL. Testing out new rules, potential expansion cities, having familiar faces on AAF teams who gets cut on the NFL roster. That why I'm saying AAF could possibly be the future NFL minor league system. Who knows if they continue play during the off-season or main season.

    Also the NFL is turning 100 years old next season. Why not introduce some new faces, rules, whatever else into the 100 year old league.

  17. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    The NFL kickoffs with all the rules. are a joke. I wouldn’t miss the lack of them.

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  18. JHDK

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    One of my favorite plays in football is when the kicker, the last line of defense, somehow manages to save the TD and tackle the kick returner.

    I agree the new rules suck but I hope they are be pared down and a balance is found in the upcoming years.
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    Not exactly lighting up the gates attendance-wise.


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