Another SL100 issue

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by ClubSteeler, Mar 11, 2009.

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    For the last few days, I've recorded Howard overnight. In the morning, the radio would not power on unless I removed and reinstalled the battery first.

    Last night I scheduled 2 recordings, 7-11pm and howard 11:45pm to 5:45am. The first one recorded in its entirety, the 2nd did not record at all. In the morning, the radio did power on fine, but it did a reboot so it was in full shutdown mode, not sure why. That's likely the reason it didn't record Howard. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of problems. Why is it going into shutdown mode or even going into lock-up/remove battery mode?
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  2. ClubSteeler

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    I did a manual power-down last night. Howard recorded fine overnight. Hopefully the problem was just a rare glitch. Strangely, it recorded 5:45 instead of 6hrs. Not sure why, but I remember that happening once or twice before.

    I'm going to start doing a weekly powerdown, and an occasional reset/erase. I just need to finish litening to History of Howard II before I reset.

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