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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Wolf, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Since the release of the iOS 8, has anyone took advantage of the Apple HealthKit? For me it took couple of weeks to get a feel of it, by inputting information everybody and plus finding the right app to use and incorporate with the health system. So far, I found couple of great apps I like to use.

    Endomondo Sports Tracker – GPS Track Running Cycling Walking & More on the App Store on iTunes

    The only personal trainer you’ll ever need fits right in your pocket. Whether you’re running, cycling, walking, kayaking, or something completely different, we keep you motivated, and most importantly - keep what you're doing fun.


    MotionX 24/7: Sleeptracker, Sleep Cycle Alarm, Snore, Apnea, Heart Rate Monitor, Weight Loss, Activity Tracker on the App Store on iTunes

    24/7 Sleeptracker monitors your sleep to wake you at the optimum time in your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed and along with your walking steps, heart bpm, weight.

  2. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I use it. Linked it up with myfitnesspal and it uses the data I input there..
  3. hyson

    hyson Forum Jerk

    21.1mph average bike speed is FLYING!

    Anywho, there are plenty of apps to get your ass in gear. It depends what you're looking to do. Memebag and I both use Strava for biking, which works well.
  4. kc1ih

    kc1ih Active Member

    Every time I see that name I think of the build it yourself color TV's and ham radio equipment of years ago (Heathkit).
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  5. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    That's some gear from yesteryear. A memory from my youth.
  6. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    Same here. I see this in my mind:


    "That's right baby. 32k of beach-proof RAM. And by the way, I have an 8 inch floppy disk."
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  7. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    Why do people need and app or an iPhone to stay fit and healthy? Eat right and in portions then exercise every single day. No app or smartphone needed.

    My wife counts her calories. I have no idea why. She's always weighed about 105. Maybe 120 when she was pregnant. To each their own I guess.

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  8. hyson

    hyson Forum Jerk

    I like the biking app to keep track of miles, speed and elevation gains - data I don't keep on my own. I noticed I started pushing my distances and speed once I had some empirical data to look at.

    The app is merely a tool - no guarantee it'll work, even with will power.
  9. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    You're probably a more disciplined guy than most. (I don't mean that in a 50 Shades kind of a way, NTTAWWT) I think it helps people be more aware of their habits when they aren't used to thinking about that stuff.

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  10. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    Hey whatever works. I wasn't trying to put it down.

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  11. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Didn't think you were putting it down. It's all good.

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  12. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    I used the pedo app on my watch for a week. No, not that kind of pedo. It measured my steps and my sleep. I have no use for that data.

    I use Strava when I ride my bike. It keeps track of distance and speed, and it shows maps of where I ride. I don't think it makes me any healthier, though. I just know how far and how fast I've gone, plus how many miles each bike has logged.
  13. hyson

    hyson Forum Jerk

    I think Strava is super helpful for a plethora of things.
  14. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    I like the built-in pedometer in HealthKit. I also use MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal.
  15. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I like that it was counting my steps already three weeks before I even noticed or requested it.

    I also use MyFitnessPal.

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