At&t Will Offer Hbo Free To "unlimited Plus" Users

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    AT&T Will Offer HBO Free To “Unlimited Plus” Wireless Customers | Deadline

    AT&T doesn’t own Time Warner yet — but the companies are already cozy based on terms of a new service offering involving HBO that the telco’s unveiling today.

    Starting tomorrow, those who subscribe to AT&T’s Unlimited Plus wireless plan along with one of its video services — DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-verse — will receive HBO at no extra cost. That will last as long as they keep the service.
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    AT&T is including free HBO in its Unlimited Plus plan - The Verge

    All the major carriers offer similar unlimited plans these days, which means cell providers are going the extra mile to entice customers to use their service. The latest is AT&T, which announced today that it will be offering free HBO to customers on its top plan, the $90-a-month Unlimited Plus service.

    Surprisingly, there aren’t too many catches beyond that. The deal only applies to the Unlimited Plus plan, which allows users to stream in HD if they choose. Although, like most other plans, AT&T may slow your data after you burn through 22GB in a month.

    AT&T is offering the free HBO in three ways: if you already pay for HBO through DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-verse, then AT&T will simply make that free. Similarly, DirecTV, DirecTV Now, and U-verse subscribers who also have Unlimited Plus plans will get access to HBO’s channels automatically if they don’t already have them, while customers who don’t use any of AT&T’s video services will be able to access HBO through either DirecTV Now or HBO Go.

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