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    Back in March I bought a pair of Sony earbuds. They were cheap to begin with and also on sale so I got them for only $10. I paid the extra $7 to get a 2 year warranty. One ear died tonight so I'm going to bike over to Best Buy to replace them tomorrow. I'm interested to see how well their warranty system works. The last time I used it was for my SL100 so that must have been around 09 or so. I have pleasant memories of it being no hassle back then so I'm hoping it will be the same tomorrow.
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    I have used it several times. I bought Bose noise cancelling headphones years ago. I have to call the number. They send me a packing slip. I mail it (free) to them. They email me a gift card. I take gift card and buy a new pair. Not sure if they do the same down there. I have gone through about 3 sets this way. All I wind up paying is another 2 year warrantee.

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    Just noticed I forgot to update. I returned my broken headphones with no issues at all. They didn't have the exact model to replace them so they gave me a different model that were a couple dollars more expensive at no cost to me. So the 2 year warranty paid off.
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    Great! That'll help defray your legal and vet expenses.
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    So I still have the earbuds I talked about here a few months ago but will probably replace them again with the extended warranty. They still work but I had to superglue one of them back together after it started falling apart. I don't think they will live much longer.

    In the meantime I decided to give these a shot:

    Super cheap, and Amazon Basics are usually pretty good quality for the price. Figured I'd give on ear headphones a try to mix it up a bit. We'll see how I like them come Wednesday.

    While that reviewer comes off like a bit of a hipster douche, overall I like his channel and reviews.
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    You may want to read the terms of your extended warranty. I think super gluing is not on the acceptable side.
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    Probably not, but I have the utmost confidence in Best Buy's return system after how easy it was last time. They didn't test or even really look at the pair I turned in. They just said go grab another pair and checked me out. The whole process took less than 3 minutes.
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    These turned out as expected. For $15 they have good enough bass and are nice with speech but nothing amazing. One surprising benefit is that they work well for the nearly deaf. When I go to my dad's I bring my tablet because he likes watching those David Attenborough BBC Netflix nature shows. Usually he watched them with no sound and the captions on because earbuds don't really hep him much. I figured I'd try these new headphones on him and they worked well. He says he can mostly hear the show now and with a combo of the captions and headphones it's the perfect viewing solution. So overall I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend them.
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