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    Scratch that, the broadcast doesn't go until noon. But the event does. Oh well. Catch this show if you can.
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    Bubba Clem BTLSRadio
    Todays Bubbaween show is scheduled to be replayed on Saturday @ 5 PM ET/2 PM PT following Geek Time. Be cautious this weekend..Brent

    Meanwhile, today's Bubba replay is an OOOOOOOOOOLD one. From 9/26/06:

    Dr. Mark surprised Bubba with an in-studio visit
    Hootie called in from Miami, and Bubba fed Brooke some lines to rib Hootie with
    Mentions of Jughead and Coco

    Upcoming schedule:
    November 5th - Live
    November 12th - Live

    November 19th - Tape (Live from Homestead race track. Manson won't be there, but Ned will be there.)
    November 26th - Tape (Thanksgiving)
    November 30th to December 2nd - "BubbaSaw 2" challenge on ballsack jones.
    December 3rd - Tape, according to blueneon36
    December 10th - LIVE State of the Bubba and possible Sirius farewell show
    December 17th - Tape (Bubba doing "Toys for Tatas.")
    December 24th - Holiday break
    December 31st - Holiday break
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    I wonder why they can't just upload it via FTP.
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    The conspiracy theorist in me remembers when the phone(?) lines around the BRN were accidentally cut by the construction crew. Bubba could have done a live Sirius show via some other method, but still opted for the replay.

    Bubba: Giving Sirius as little as possible, but only returning the favor that Sirius started.
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    Cox offered to lend him the equipment, and this was still when Sirius was in "pretend the FM show doesn't exist under the potential penalty of a fine" mode. Says a lot about the mentality of the two companies. And I don't mean to bash Sirius XM here. But it's food for thought.

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