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Oct 11, 2008
I love this story so much!

Toronto chef taunts vegan protesters by butchering a deer | Daily Mail Online

There is a lot going on here.

First off the vindictive nature of this story isn't what I expect out of my Canadian news.

Then we have the store owner whose name is Hunter. It's just the best. Hunter is the owner of Antler where a bunch of Canadian pussies are protesting.

Hunter is also 1 sexy Canadian:

He's a beefy fella...get it, beef-y?!?
(I'm going to Price is Right losing horn myself for that awful joke, sorry.)

Moving on, I LOVE how this guy had enough and decided to taunt the silly protesters by butchering a deer leg right in front of them. HAHAHAHA!!

Also the protesters in the video come off as just the worst. That one woman shrieking, "Is this even legal? Is this against a health code?" like some sort of shrill witch that escaped from an asylum, is the type of behavior that will make any man want to head for zee hills. If you roll up every time my mom, aunts or past girlfriends ever admonished me, it would sound like that heinous hag spouting her protest whine.

Meanwhile Canada's finest show up:

(Note they are not on horseback so there is no way of telling if they are actual Canadian police, but for the sake of the story let's assume they are genuine.)

They go and have nice chat with our hunky butcher Hunter and determine that everything is A-OK.

Hunter then goes back into the kitchen and the protesters must be thinking they won! Their melodramatic sissy crying made our Hunter retreat.....

.....But Hunter is far too sly a dog to let it end there. The only reason he left is to go cook his deer and then bring it back to the window to enjoy a delicious dinner in full view of the street rabble.

And that's the final, game ending point. A huge evening for my new favorite person, Hunter.
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