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    They can replace him like Lionel Jefferson. Most people won't notice.
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    And that reminds me: Whatever happened to Richie Cunningham's older brother?

    On the subject of hate crimes, what do we say to a hateful, racist bigot who encourages such crimes? I know what I would say -- but I wouldn't dare repeat it here.

    Editor of Alabama newspaper calls for return of Ku Klux Klan's infamous night rides
    CNN, Feb 19 2019 7:34 PM ET

    An editorial written in support of the Ku Klux Klan. That's something you might expect to see in 1919. Believe it or not, you can see it in 2019, too. The editor and publisher of a small-town newspaper in Alabama wrote one just last week. The editorial, with the shock headline "The Klan Needs To Ride Again," appeared in the February 14 edition of the Linden Democrat-Reporter.

    "Time for the Ku Klux Klan to night ride again," begins the editorial, written by Goodloe Sutton. "Democrats in the Republican Party and Democrats are plotting to raise taxes in Alabama." Sutton told the Montgomery Advertiser he urged the white supremacist group to "clean out D.C." via lynchings. "We'll get the hemp ropes out, loop them over a tall limb and hang all of them," Sutton said.

    Alabama newspaper editorial calls for the return of the Ku Klux Klan's infamous night rides - CNN
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    I was just reading that article elsewhere. Sounds about right for west central Alabama.
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    The story I first posted four days ago now has a {mostly) happy ending.

    Alabama newspaper editor who urged Klan to 'ride again' replaced by African-American woman
    CNN, Feb 23 2019 3:49 PM ET

    An African-American woman is now the publisher and editor of the Alabama newspaper that recently urged the Ku Klux Klan to "night ride again." Elecia Dexter, a "strategic leader with expertise in human resources, operations and change management," took up the positions Thursday, the weekly Linden Democrat-Reporter said in a press release. Dexter replaces Goodloe Sutton, the newspaper's owner who penned a staggering editorial with the headline "The Klan Needs to Ride Again" in the paper's February 14 edition. Sutton still owns the newspaper, Dexter told CNN.

    Alabama newspaper editor who urged Klan to 'ride again' replaced by African-American woman - CNN
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    We can put this story under the same heading as the one above: "Racism, bigotry and ignorance are alive and well in 2019." I wonder if these kids were given extra credit if they performed in blackface or did impersonations of Stepin Fetchit.

    South Carolina fifth-graders told to pick cotton, sing slave song on field trip
    USA TODAY, Feb 24 2019

    Students at an elementary school in Greenville, South Carolina were told to pick cotton and sing a slave song as part of a class field trip during Black History Month. Cell phone video provided to Fox 46 Charlotte shows fifth-graders from Ebenezer Avenue Elementary picking cotton while being instructed to sing, "I like it when you fill the sack. I like it when you don't talk back. Make money for me."

    "I think it's making a mockery," Jessica Blanchard, whose 10-year-old son attended the field trip, told the station. "A mockery of slavery. A mockery of what our people went through." The students were on a field trip to the Carroll School, which was built in 1929 for African-Americans and now serves as a teaching center for fifth-graders to learn about the effects of the Great Depression.

    The TV station reported that parents signed permission slips that mentioned cotton picking as part of a history lesson on the Great Depression. A representative from the Rock Hill School District told ABC News the field trip was a "unique learning opportunity." The district issued a statement saying the songs sung were not intended "to sound like or in any way be a 'slave song' as it has been characterized."

    State Rep. John King, D-Rock Hill, said, "Something has gone terribly wrong when slavery is treated as a game, when children leave a field trip with the impression that a mockery can be made of their ancestors' oppression. When we portray a sugar-coated version of history, one of happily picking cotton and singing songs, then we miss an opportunity to teach the truth."

    South Carolina Fifth-graders told to pick cotton, sing slave song on field trip
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    I kinda feel bad for that Empire guy. I mean still fuck him, he should go to jail for a stint, but it's kinda sad he is so desperate to be famous and loved that he went to those crazy lengths to get noticed.
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    Screw him. (For the opposite reasons that Brad Cooper gets it.)
    I thought the Chicago Police Chief and Charles Barkley summed it up pretty accurately.

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