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    On Saturday night we saw Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band in Columbus, OH. It was an absolutely fabulous concert. Opening act was Larkin Poe. Never heard of them but they were a pretty good rock/blues type outfit fronted by 2 sisters (aka Heart). We bought a couple of their songs. They did an excellent cover of Black Betty.

    But the main event was what we came to see (the opening act was an unknown surprise). And he was fantastic. 22 songs. Almost all the ones I knew. The man loves singing and has a huge stage presence. This is his last tour and hearing him sing Turn the Page did bring a tear to my eye. His final song (of the second encore) was Rock and Roll Never forgets which he sang with one small modification to the lyrics "So now sweet sixteen's turned seventy-three".

    Certainly one of the best concerts I have attended. Was even worth the 1.5 hour drive (15 minutes normal) going back through a blizzard.
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    Seger is one of my wife's favorites, along with Mellencamp. About 3 or 4 years ago, we found out last-minute that friends were seeing him at the Gaaahhhhhhhden (Boston Garden), and we grabbed the only available tickets left, just so we could participate in the evening with them.

    Turns out that our friends (as usual) had primo seats, dead-center in front of the stage. We, however, were up top in the last row, up against the stadium wall, with a drop-ceiling right above us. The Garden (previously the Fleet Center) is generally a horrible place to see a concert; it's really for hockey and basketball; the acoustics suck. Add to that the misery of our seats, where all the smoke rose up to, and you can imagine that we could barely tell that he was performing.

    My memory of that concert was a headache and nausea. But I'm glad you saw a good one.
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    We were upper bowl but dead centre to the stage. Video screens were well used. No smoke. This was also a hockey arena but a more modern multipurpose one.

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    Saw Finger Eleven & I Mother Earth last night. I like Finger Eleven. Wife really likes I Mother Earth.

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    I didn't realize that I Mother Earth was still playing. That's cool.
    Edwin did the vocals on Alex Lifeson's solo project, Victor. That was a really cool album.

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