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Discussion in 'Cable & Video' started by Wolf, Apr 14, 2017.

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    I was hearing that The Roku Channel is available on line now. You don't a Roku to get it.
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    Disney's New Streaming Service is Called Disney Play - Cord Cutters News

    Here some details coming out of Disney Play (which might or might not be true?)

    According to the earnings call, the new Disney streaming service will be cheaper than Netflix. Some reports have said it could be as cheap as $5 a month.

    New Original Series:
    According to Bob Iger, Disney is planning on making new original shows based on Disney properties like “Mosnters Inc.” and “High School Musical.” Although not mentioned during the earnings call, we already know two Star Wars shows are also in the works. Disney is hoping they can use their Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm libraries, along with NatGeo to build on an already extensive library of shows and movies from Disney.

    Target Audience:
    According to Disney, their new streaming service will focus on the “core Disney fan” and will be mostly family-friendly content that Disney is known for.

    Release Date:
    According to Bob Iger, the service will come out in late 2019. Exactly what that means is not set in stone. It could mean any time in the second half of 2019 or in the final few months of 2019. For now, we will have to wait and see.

    Star Wars Movies:
    According to Bob Iger, Star Wars movies released before next year will not be on the new service. For now, Disney has sold the rights to these movies to places like Netflix. These contracts will need to end before they can appear on the new Disney streaming service.

    R-Rated Films
    According to Disney, you will not find any R-rated films on the new streaming service. All R-Rated content will be on Hulu once Disney owns 60% of Hulu after their FOX merger.
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    Wolf, I just signed up for ESPN Plus and will use on my Roku.. My niece is now going to Illinois State and I want to see the football games.
    I think I understand the service but I'm not sure it will work. If the game is exclusively on ESPN Plus which the Illinois State games would be I shouldn't have trouble getting it. But if a game is on ESPN or ESPN2, I would need to link the app through my provider which in that case would be PlaySation Vue. Of course, I would just turn on my PlayStation Vue to watch it. Does that sound right?

    I also signed up for Starz. There some good classic movies I like there. In turn, I canceled YouTubeRed
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    I believe how ESPN+ works. If any game airs on any of the ESPN networks it will appear on that channel. Where I live, I normally see a lot of Dbacks games. But lately now, I been able to watch some Houston Astros games since I don't subscribe to the MLB Network.

    I do know that ESPN won't stream any NFL games and I don't know about the NBA or NHL yet? Because the network was launch after the playoffs were completed.
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    This will be a fine addition especially for $5. If it were more, I would have backed out.
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    I had it nearly half of a year and I believe it’s worth the price for the amount of sports and programs they offer.

    But who knows it own by Disney and they could raise the price up down the road.
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    I'm also enjoying all the documentaries. I liked the one where Mary Decker fell down and the Cub fan that interfered with the foul ball
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    I have now linked my PlayStation Vue account to my ESPN Plus account so now I can just stay in my ESPN Plus for all the ESPN channels without having to switch over PlayStation Vue.
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    Hey Madison, you may want to rethink about PlayStation Vue.

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    This is a good deal for non Hulu subscribers.

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    That would be awful if PlayStation Vue belly's up. I looked at Hulu's TV and the only difference is Cozi TV and NFL Network are missing. But I would get my regular Hulu for free. I would probably pick Hulu if PlayStation goes under.
    For me, anything with BTN is priority then you look at the rest of the core.

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