Dog Tricks! Share Your SXM "My Control" Customizations

Discussion in 'Walk the Dog' started by HecticArt, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Dog Tricks! Share Your SXM "My Control" Customizations here.

    With the new customizable station feature that SXM has released for beta testing, we should have a place to share our personalized station settings.

    (We're open to a better sounding thread name too.)

    We can pick a few stations at a time like we used to do with "Walk the Dog."
    Or we can open it up to everything.
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    Oops! I forgot about this thread. My bad.
    Let's pick a couple of stations to feature first, share our settings, then let people what you thought of em. Any surprises? Did you get the results you wanted? Wish you could always have the station this way? Worth it? No?

    What stations go first?
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