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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Music' started by JHDK, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    i know i'm 20+ years late to this party but jamacian dancehall music is really cool. especially this guy buju banton's take on it.

    the til shiloh album is solid all the way through. that song i posted above is probably my favorite.

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    That's gateway music.
    Best to avoid it if you want to keep off of the hard stuff.
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  3. JHDK

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    I've been rewatching The Leftovers and it has a really good soundtrack.

    The opening theme from season 2 is great. It's from Iris DeMint:

    Then we have some other that are really good. Never heard of the Bellamy Brothers before but this is a good one:

    Next up is a cool Grease cover:

    Pixies are always fun:

    And last but not least we have Regina Spektor. Now I knew her by name as a singer but I couldn't name any of her tunes until this:

    And that's a selection of the very cool music in The Leftovers.
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  4. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    Finding new music is always great. I just stumbled upon these guys today and they are awesome.

    Apparently Run the Jewels are a rap super group or I guess super duo, that started in 2013. I now need to check out each of their solo work cause they are very good together. And their videos are cool.

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  5. HecticArt

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    The more I hear from them, the more I like em.

    I had on Catch of the Day back in September.
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  6. JHDK

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    I can't find a clean cut, there are some background sounds from the TV show audio, but this is a cool cover.

  7. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

  8. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Where was Twitter 20 years ago when people should have been worried about this?
    Did Natalie release the info to get her name out there again?
  9. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    I didn't know it was a cover (and a Dutch cover nonetheless), but people must have known back then. I seem to recall that it was commonly known that she didn't write the song.
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  10. JHDK

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    Danish but that's pretty much the same thing. They're bunch of European whiteys who talk silly and were taken over in about 3 minutes during WWII.
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  11. scotchandcigar

    scotchandcigar arrogant bastard

    As far as Americans are concerned, they are both jutting into the North Sea, and one is known for wooden shoes and tulips, while the other for pastries.
  12. JHDK

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    I dig Ed and am a sucker for Christmas music this time of year. That Anne Marie is pretty good too. I didn't know her before this.

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  13. semipenguin

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    You just like gingers
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  14. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    I like videos of surprise performances or next level busking. These guys sound pretty good:

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  15. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Great harmonies.
  16. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    It's been awhile since I posted about some stuff I've been listening to.

    Got a solid white rapper this time around. He seems pretty underground at the moment, not that it matters at all but I like when I stumble on some new music that hasn't been super popular for years before it finally got to me.

    I may be a Trump fan, but I'm also a fan of a good protest song:

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  17. HecticArt

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    Damn Stan.....
  18. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    I like this song:

  19. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    I usually post stuff I just discovered here but I've been a Robert Earl Keen fan for years now. He has one of the best Christmas songs. The video is dumb, but I like this live version of the song best.

    'Tis the Season!

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